Nikon D90

After struggling to keep Sidekick cleaned out and remove of any sand and debris, it was time to ask her if she wanted an upgrade. As much as she hated the idea, she sadly said yes. After searching around for the perfect upgrade, it’s time to meet Sidekick 2.0!

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The Chances Are Endless.

Have you ever wanted something so bad you were willing to do just about anything to get it? Your passions outweigh the odds in a chance of luck? Well that’s why I’m here right now.

Best Local Wedding Photographers

The photo/link above is my chance to upgrade Sidekick just a little and we need your help. We have two weeks left to make Sidekick just outstanding and all I’m asking is you to click the following link and go through the simple instructions. It will mean a lot to us.

Thank you, from Sidekick and I.

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