Back story:
Back in December when Catalina and I went to Monterey, the whole trip, she was raving on about “the best English Muffin” she had when she was in Napa. She kept talking about it so much that I was like, “okay, I need to try this English Muffin now..”
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Curry Rice and Miso Udon.

When it comes to having food for the house, Kyle and I tend to be bad at managing it. Whether our fridge is on the verge of being bare empty or we overstock so much that we lose money from expiration dates, there is never an equal balance. The one thing I do like about closely expired foods is that I can experiment with recipes. The menu two nights ago happened to be curry over rice with miso udon.
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Blue House Korean BBQ.

A year of waiting and the Korean BBQ place near our house finally opened up a month ago.

Now if you recall a post I made a few months ago, I did give a bad review for Oz, but I figured since Oz was bad timing and that was only the first time trying out Korean BBQ that I would give it a second chance. Plus it’s super close by, so we definitely had to go.
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Burgers and Brew.

Some week ago, Kyle got off work pretty late and we were pretty hungry. It was around 10:30 at this point and most places we even considered closes at 9 unless we wanted fast food. I then remembered of a burger joint my coworkers mentioned a while back that stays open until late. I looked it up and they were open until midnight. Score. We then decided to give Burgers and Brew a try.
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There’s a new sandwich place that opened up just down the street from us a couple months and we had yet to give it a try until a few days ago.

They specialize in Cheese Steaks, but they do have other variety of sandwiches and salads if you’re not feeling too Philly enough, or you can use grilled chicken instead as your cheese steak.

How your meal is served.

I would’ve gave in to trying one of their cheese steaks as being a first timer, but I settled with a hot veggie sandwich. I give an A+ on their bread – I love some soft white bread that can easily soak up some flavor. I am a part of the 5% of people that like “soggy” bread. The sandwich as a whole, however, was alright. It was really just heated up veggies with some cheese melted into a bun – something I could’ve easily made at home. I did put some of their “fry sauce” in it, until their special sauce was just thousand island without the chunks.

Kyle got the cheese steak I did look at: the Bacon Cheddar Cheese Steak. I did take a bite of it to try and it was pretty good. Packed with different flavors along with their awesome bread – I could eat that all day if I liked meat like that.

Overall, not a bad place to grab a cheese steak every once in a while if you’re into that sort of thing.
I will come back to try their tuna sandwich and their grilled cheese. If they both are bomb, they won my heart lol.


When Juan and Katy got married last year, one of their gifts from Juan’s parents was a trip anywhere they wanted. Considering that they had kids on the way, they chose a trip to Reno and invited Kyle and I to join. After months of carefully planning, March 14th became the day we left California… for a few days.

March 13th.
Of course we all had work, but luckily Juan and Katy were able to pick me up from work at 10. We got to the house and wait for Kyle to get off himself, and we all started planning our mini vacation.

March 14th.
The morning didn’t go according to plan. Katy and Juan forgot their confirmation packet back in Stockton and had to drive back to get it which left me and Kyle getting a late start as well. We quickly showered, got dressed, and packed last minute things we needed. Honestly, it was hard for me to say goodbye to the dogs, but my coworker watched them, so I wasn’t too stressed out about it. After getting gas for the car, money to spend, and snacks to munch on since we all didn’t eat all day, it was estimated that we’d be at the hotel by 5 pm. Wayy too late for a start of our vacation, but we made it work anyway… aside from the fact that the guys forgot the list of things to do on the fridge.

Of course, we drove past Tahoe. The snow gave me such nostalgic feelings from Maine that I was considering planning another trip there next year. I original plan was to visit during the winter, but knowing how bad the weather can get, flights may also be backed up as well. Time to rethink this plan..

We finally got to the hotel around 5 (like we estimated) and went to check in. Funny thing was that it was the same hotel my family and I were at when we took a trip there a long time ago. More nostalgia. Everything was simple for me to find now that I’ve been there before.

We checked into the room and got settled and started the vacation with some champagne and Jager shots.

After establishing that we were hungry, we got ready for the night and said goodbye to reality.

We decided on a buffet to get our fill in, but it was definitely more than we could take. I can never eat my money’s worth at a buffet and figured this wouldn’t change either… which it didn’t. Two plates and some ice cream and I’m done for the night. Plus it’s hard to eat at a buffet when you’re a veg. After dinner, Katy and I went back to the room to take a nap for a couple of hours while Juan and Kyle gambled for a bit.

After our nap, the guys came back and we planned the remainder of the night. It was 11:30 by the time we left the room. Before heading to a bar, we scoped out the area for a little bit.

… which this sucked on my part since I was still sick with mono that my body couldn’t handle the outdoors well that we walked back inside to get me some hot water.

Never get mono guys. It fucking sucks…

We ended up at a bar so I can calm down from coughing so much. It was a new experience for me now that I’m back at Reno legally – just the fact we could smoke indoors and the freaken bar is 24 hours is so weird! Eventually I got over it and enjoyed it while I could. We were there for a while until the guys started getting drunk and wanted to talk about politics and gamble. Katy and I went back to the room and talked until the guys came back some hours later. Then we ordered room service breakfast and it was bomb.

We didn’t go to bed until 7 am…

March 15th.

We all woke up at 2:30 and got ready for the day. What’s on our agenda today? It was honestly up in the air. We left the room by 5 to go eat.

What was already on our “to do list” was to eat fancy, so we ate at Sterling’s. The ambiance was nice, but it was really too dim in there that we could barely see each other. It also made us tired again.

Kyle and I shared a crab cake and it was the most moist and well seasoned crab cake I’ve ever had. It’s flavors were really brought out.

I had a side salad as my starter. Of course they had fancier dressings rather than just ranch. I chose their creamy basil and it was excellent. I loved that the bowl was a large crouton. I great idea to save on dishes.

Katy had their clam chowder of all things, but she was right, it was SO MUCH better than what we serve at work.

I had the Vegetarian Napoleon, which has spinach, asparagus, a portobella mushroom, carrots, yams, quinoa, and mozzarella layered. It was so good… until I remembered my hated for quinoa and was, sadly, turned off by the meal since quinoa is everywhere. I ate what I could and let the rest be. It was also filling for a veggie dish.

Kyle had the “Medallions of New Zealand Red Deer”. I honestly told him to get that since he could get a steak anywhere back at home. He was definitely happy with the choice and I was happy that he gave me his veggies that didn’t have quinoa all over. The perfect win.

After dinner, we split up again for an hour because Katy and I wanted to do a little shopping around before things closed up. We got what we liked and met the guys downstairs where we had tickets to a comedy show.

After the show, we headed to Circus Circus to check things out there… not before we get a freaken yard daiquiri.

We split up again as Katy found another store she wanted to check out. I won a couple of claw machine plushies for Kyle since I’m boss at those things and came across a Dance Dance Revolution game. My dumbass thought it was a great idea. Who cares about the fact I’m sick right now.

…. I almost had an asthma attack lol.

Did I ever mention that I have asthma? Well now you know.

We met up with Katy and Juan to the store they were at and headed back to the room to figure out the next plans and take more shots.

How was the yard long drink, you ask?

.. because Snapchat filter.

I started getting upset about the fact that everyone did everything they wanted to. All I ever want to do is just to take photos throughout the trip. They understood and we walked around the strip.

We split up again since Katy was getting tired (mom lyfe) and Kyle and I walked around the casinos where I gambled for the first time. Juan met up with us later on. I ended up losing the $70 I spent on slots, but that’s okay. I had set myself a $100 limit if I ever decided to play.

March 16th.
Last day of our mini vacation and next decision was what would be the last meal in Reno. We decided on some sushi place that looked super hip.

I love unique plate settings. It’s a weird obsession of mine.

The menu. I’ll spare the details. We all know what sushi is.

We did order some edamame and stuffed mushrooms. The mushrooms were great and had a nice kick of spice to it.

Miso soup, yum.

I couldn’t tell you what I ordered because it was off of some combination menu, but you all know that I got my rainbow roll because favorite.

And my drink of choice was their version of a Bloody Mary, but it was too spicy for my taste and it had a lot of ginger in it. I’m not a big fan of ginger. I just like ginger ale, that’s about it.

Had to face swap them lmfao.

Kyle and I shared a deep fried peach ice cream thing. Whatever it was called, it was great.

The ride home was a blur since I fell asleep in the car because mono hates me. We got home and said goodbye to Juan and Katy. We all agreed we need to make another trip out there sometime again… only when I’m not sick anymore haha.

St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day. The day where everyone believes they’re part Irish and think they can drink their weight in beer.

My dad would also make Corned Beef and Cabbage that day too. But, just like my dad, he never wrote down a recipe to me to look back on. So I had to take matters in my own hands and use Google.

Martha Stewart helped me out this year.

First I started with chopping up some carrots and celery…

…. and potatoes with half a yellow onion.

A couple days prior, we went out to Whole Foods and found a package of Corned Beef with the spices with it. It was a 3.5 oz slab of meat, but my 5 qt slow cooker was too small, so I made half the meat and decided to save the last half for Easter.

Did I ever mention that I just got a slow cooker? So far, I love the poop out of that thing.

Threw everything in the cooker, filled with water, and set it on low temp. I had work that night, so by the time I got home, it would be more than ready.

When I got home, the smell was very enticing, but I set the temp on “keep warm” and waited for Kyle to get home from work. I also had him call me when he got off so I can get started on frying up my asparagus.

Why all these veggies and no cabbage?
Simple: I hate cabbage..

Finally, the finished product. It was the best thing I’ve ever made.

Now I know what you’re asking at this point: “I thought you don’t eat meat?”
I don’t, but I can still make meat dishes for Kyle to keep dietary habits fair for us.
… but I may have taken a small piece to try it out. Hey I made the thing, I at least have to sample it.

But I’ll just stick to my potatoes.

Food Jets.

Back when I was, like, deathly ill, we received a coupon in the mail for Food Jets. It’s basically an app that you connect to and someone brings food to your home curbside. I don’t know where else has this, but I’ve only seen them in Sacramento with the little jet modeled cars. The coupon was for a half off order for first timers. I downloaded the app and we decided to give it a try.

They serve lunch and dinner, and their menu changes daily. Today’s menu wasn’t veggie friendly, but I did what I could to get by.

(My intention was to post up screenshots of the menu right here, but my address is visible in the photos, so that sucks….)

What was ordered. Half off ain’t bad..

Now we sit and wait. I guess their idea is to try to deliver in 10 minutes or less. This guy took a little longer because he couldn’t find the house, even when I gave him specific directions..

According to Kyle, the food is all prepackaged and in some kind of heat box that’s built into the car. He tells me “think of our bags that keeps your pizza fresh”.

First we have the appetizer: hummus with pita bread.
I’m a huge fan of hummus, but this was the first time I wasn’t a fan. The hummus was soggy due to the heat from the other foods and the hummus tasted super watered down. It was disappointing to me.

Kyle had the chili chicken thing. He says the chicken was good, but the rice was a little dry.

I had the turkey dinner, but only ate the potatoes and the beans, which were pretty good. Potatoes could use a little more flavoring, but no complaints other than that.

… the dogs ate my turkey.

Desert was their take on a maple whoopie pie. The East Coast side of me never turns down a whoopie pie. It wasn’t the real thing, but it still satisfied the craving. Super creamy and maple-y, it was yummy.

So far, it wasn’t that bad for fast food like that, but I definitely wouldn’t pay $10 a meal for this. I would order again when I’m super lazy and don’t want to make or go get anything. Just the convenience of an app – all I need.