National Cheese Lovers Day.

Two Fridays ago was National Cheese Lovers Day, and being the cheese lover that I am, I couldn’t pass the opportunity.
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The Melting Pot.

Some time ago, a couple of friends told me about this place they frequently go to in town called The Melting Pot, which supposedly is a fondue place. They didn’t need to say anymore about this place after they said “fondue” – they had me at cheese. I then told Catalina about it a couple months ago and we agreed to eat there sometime. Well that sometime happened to be about three weeks ago when we set a date for all you can eat cheese.

But apparently this place was more than just cheese as we first experienced our first melting pot..

First off, it took us a little while to find the place. Basically the front entrance was just the door with some windows on this one wall. We walk in and the aroma of melted cheese and various spices fill the restaurant. We both knew that we were in for a treat.

Also, just look at their wine cellar. I need this in my life!

Just one little pot steals the spotlight.

First drink of the night: The Italian Job. A chocolaty coffee vodka drink you cannot go wrong with.

Cat told me about the menu selection when we were planning the date, but we decided to get some extra help with the 4-course deal:

Course One: The Fondue.
We chose the Classic Alpine fondue to share, which has three different cheeses, white wine, garlic, and nutmeg. It came with two different breads, veggies, and apples for dipping.

Course Two: Salad.
During course one, we also get our choice of a side salad. I chose the California Salad, with tomatoes, candied pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, and raspberry black walnut vinaigrette. It was like my work’s Spring Salad, but twice as better. Any salad is better with a raspberry vinaigrette.

By this time of our experience, we finished the salad and had a couple pieces of the bread and stuff left over. We were getting super full, but forgot there were two courses left in this meal…

Course Three: Entree.
When it came to the entree, it was like Korean BBQ status – you have to cook it yourself.
We had to choose a cooking style to share (we ended up doing the Mojo for an extra $5 more), but we got to choose our own entree dishes.

What I loved about the entree selections was that it was half seafood, half meat entrees. With that in mind, I chose the Fondue Delight that had shrimp, mushroom sacchetti, chicken, beef, and a lobster tail. I could eat half and take the half home for the dogs. Sorry Kyle…

Sure they were small amounts of everything, but after eating all the other stuff previously, you get super happy that the entree is small.

… plus it came with more things to eat.

… and some sauces to try out, which I didn’t use.

What seemed like an endless meal turned into a sigh of relief when our waitress brought us some boxes to take some things home.

But, again, we forgot…

Course Four: Desert.
Chocolate style fondue with a variety of fruits and bite size deserts to go with.

We chose Bananas Foster.

At the end of the meal, we sat in the seat for another thirty minutes just to digest everything. It was that filling, but oh, so good.

Okay so this thing was pretty pricey for dining out. The total bill for everything was around $140 or something like that, my half about $70 (price varies by entree choice). But despite the price, I would most definitely come back… but when I have money on me. The food was super good and their drink selection is a must. I’ll have to bring Kyle to it sometime, but he’ll have to pay for his half haha.

Next time, box everything and take it home.