Letter to Dad: Tattoo.

Hey you, it’s been such a long time. I hope you’re doing well as a spirit wandering through cyberspace. I just want to tell you a story about what I did recently, as you know I would always do.
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October Updates.

You know what grinds my gears?
The fact that my laptop can’t connect to the WiFi properly for some reason, so 98% of the time I have to use the small Ethernet cable if I want to browse the internet – which our modem is in the dining area (since it’s the only place to put the box) and I’d rather sit on my comfy couch than the bar stools. First world problems.

Other than that, here are some things that have happened to get you caught up with my life if interested.
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Cost Plus World Market.

Late August, I began submitting in applications to everywhere and anywhere since I was on the verge of being completely broke. Early September, I got a call back from Cost Plus World Market asking if I was interested in an interview. The gal briefly explained what position was available at the time and if I was still interested after that insight that they were holding an open interview the following week.
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Bistro Boudin.

Serving three years at Boudin has its perks, especially when you’ve been in management team for some time. One of the perks was that you were entitled to these Boudin IOU Gift Cards that are redeemable to any Boudin Cafe (excluding the California Adventures location). $200 of gift cards saved up and I began to plan a trip to the prestigious Boudin Cafes of all Boudin Cafes: Bistro Boudin.
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