The Lovely Little Lonely Tour.

Some time ago, my friend, Joshlyn, Snapchatted me one morning while I was at work, asking if I would like to go with her. It was a snap of a flyer of the band The Maine performing at Sac State. Hell yes, I wanted to go! I ended up buying my ticket that Friday of that week since it was payday. She picked me up the night of and had so much fun.
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Vans Warped Tour 2016.

After thorough contemplation, Kyle and I came to the agreement to not go attend to this year’s Warped Tour since there were barely any bands that we were willing to see other than the ones we have already seen a million times before – until April came around and Katy tells me that since they were unable to get me a legitimate birthday gift, she and Juan were going to pay for our tickets to Warped Tour. Even when we said that they didn’t have to, they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

The 6th, we were on our way to everyone’s favorite music festival…. but many hours later.
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