In The Month of April….

Well it certainly has been such a long time! Since my last post in March, everything has happened so suddenly that I really had no time to play catch up on here. But here I am now, two months later. There is so much to fill you in that this will be one mass post of everything that has happened in April. Stay tuned…
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Easter 2016.

Welcome to Lexi’s Easter Brunch, part two – were I make a meal for one day and probably bought too much food to cook in time before it goes bad.

It was also a chance to use an app I downloaded recently for once.

This year’s menu consists of:

1. Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins.
Kyle likes to buy bananas to eat in the mornings, but never eats them. So they just sit on the counter and rot. A waste of money. I thought I could help with that problem by making some banana bread… until I realized that I don’t have a bread pan, so the next best idea was to make muffins. Then I also remembered that we have chocolate chips in our freezer. This was also a recipe made from scratch, so I started on making these first. Super moist and you can taste all the flavorings of the banana and chocolate. Score.

2. Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms.
For a side, I wanted again to make something rather than just bacon. I had also bought a pack of mushrooms because I love mushrooms, and it gave me an idea. Looked up a simple recipe and completed all three steps. The problem I had was that I only have one oven and it’s baking my muffins at this point, so I had to use my toaster oven to bake it off. I was worried about the bacon not being cooked, but my side mushrooms burning. Kyle tells me that I could’ve cooked them a little longer, but it was still good nonetheless.

3. Asparagus and Spinach Fritatta.
I asked Kyle what he would want for the main dish and he said for me to make a fritatta… which was upsetting since I made one last year. I settled with it and then asked what he would like in it. He’s been on a spinach and asparagus kick lately, so that was a stupid question on my part. I chopped up the asparagus, sauteed them with some baby spinach, and then poured my egg mixture over. Cooked on the stove, then oven, and then broiled for 3 minutes, topping it off with some shredded cheddar. This one was easier to make because I used my dad’s cast iron rather than just a pan.

The menu wasn’t as big as last years, but it was definitely better now that I’ve been cooking meals and getting better at time management.

Plate and serve and enjoy.

(For my vegetarian ass haha)

St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day. The day where everyone believes they’re part Irish and think they can drink their weight in beer.

My dad would also make Corned Beef and Cabbage that day too. But, just like my dad, he never wrote down a recipe to me to look back on. So I had to take matters in my own hands and use Google.

Martha Stewart helped me out this year.

First I started with chopping up some carrots and celery…

…. and potatoes with half a yellow onion.

A couple days prior, we went out to Whole Foods and found a package of Corned Beef with the spices with it. It was a 3.5 oz slab of meat, but my 5 qt slow cooker was too small, so I made half the meat and decided to save the last half for Easter.

Did I ever mention that I just got a slow cooker? So far, I love the poop out of that thing.

Threw everything in the cooker, filled with water, and set it on low temp. I had work that night, so by the time I got home, it would be more than ready.

When I got home, the smell was very enticing, but I set the temp on “keep warm” and waited for Kyle to get home from work. I also had him call me when he got off so I can get started on frying up my asparagus.

Why all these veggies and no cabbage?
Simple: I hate cabbage..

Finally, the finished product. It was the best thing I’ve ever made.

Now I know what you’re asking at this point: “I thought you don’t eat meat?”
I don’t, but I can still make meat dishes for Kyle to keep dietary habits fair for us.
… but I may have taken a small piece to try it out. Hey I made the thing, I at least have to sample it.

But I’ll just stick to my potatoes.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope all your festivities were the best and hopefully over. Don’t even get me started on how much time and money I’ve spent since Halloween…

2015 was anything but an ordinary year for me. A lot of awesome things have happened and some things I wish never did, but like any other nostalgic person, let’s reminisce on some memories:
1. I moved out to my own place.
…. well with Kyle and the dogs, but the don’t count.
2. I met a lot of awesome people in Sacramento. Granted most of them are my coworkers, but still awesome nonetheless.
3. I finally rid of all the people that doubted my friendship. I don’t need those kind of people in my life.
4. I became closer with friends that I consider my best friends.
5. The shows I’ve been lucky to go to this year. Lights, Aaron Gillespie, and The Academy Is… (but that one is a post coming soon (; ).
6. Becoming a shift supervisor at my work. Completely unexpected, but the best thing that’s happened to me.
7. Losing my dad may be the hardest thing I ever I had to do, but it made me become even stronger than I never thought I could be.

I’ve been thinking of some resolutions for this new year and I thought of some good ones:
1. Become more organized with life, hence why I have my Passion Planner to help me out.
2. Become more healthier. I am a vegetarian, but the way I can just snack on anything has really become a problem. Time for a change of diet.
3. Only some people know this, but I am a smoker, but this one is more of a promise than a resolution.
See, my dad never knew that I’ve been smoking for a few years. Or maybe he has and just never said anything. Anyway, now that he’s with me in spirit, I feel like he now knows my vices. With that said, I made a promise to him that this new year, I would quit just because I know what he would say to me if he found out if he was still here. When I’m heavily drinking may be a compromise between us, but I vow to be cigarette free any other time. To me, addiction is all in the mind, and I, for one, am not addicted to cigarettes, so this will be (hopefully) easy for me.

Aside from this post, there are a few other ones that I’ve lagged on from early last month that I still need to post up. Stay tuned for those during this weekend before I talk about what will become of Life In A Photograph this year.

Here’s to 2016. May this year be better than the last.


All the constant working I’ve had to do, there was one day that I didn’t know what to expect: Thanksgiving. Usually it was family tradition to go to my Great Aunt’s house and celebrate there, but since family has been expanding even more, traditions just kind of die out eventually. With that said, my Aunt tells me that my cousin, Eric, and his wife were hosting just a small gathering and invited us to join. Plans for the day were up in the air, so we just went with the first option.

When we got there, not even five minutes later, Chesney offered the first round of wine.

This is Paul, my cousin’s son. Which really makes him my second cousin, but I’m “Auntie Lex” to him just to avoid confusion. He’s a cute little brat haha. A couple weeks ago when a good majority of us were at my dad’s house just trying to clean up a bit, I was in my dad’s room going through his things of which to keep and donate. Then he comes running in.
“Hey Paul.” I smiled.
“Hi, Auntie Lex.”
“What are you doing here? You come to help us clean?”
“No,” and then he walks away.
Yup, cute little brat haha.

Anyway, we all chatted while the veggies were cooking and the turkey finishing its final minutes. Soon, dinner was about to be served.

I couldn’t get a complete shot of the meal, but there was turkey, ham, veggies, sweet potatoes, Boudin dinner rolls, and rice with some gravy. Dude, you can never go wrong with rice and gravy! Definitely had my fill of rice and gravy.

After dinner, there is always one tradition that will forever remain. I’ve been making my Grandmother’s pumpkin pies ever since as far back as I can remember, but this year, the pies I made were super special because they are the first ever set of pies I made without my dad. I even had to be *that* sentimental and used his pie plates. I was a little upset about the fact that the pies started cracking, but I read that it may have been because it cooled down too fast, which I believe it since it’s freezing in my house.
Either way, I know dad would be proud.

After dinner, Paul heading to bed, and my Aunt leaving, the plan was to go to Stockton to spend the last hours of Thanksgiving with Juan and Katy, but those plans were cancelled when Eric decided to get Kyle drunk. So much for the decent sober night we agreed on…

Aside for the drunken mess, the night overall was great. So much rice and gravy, man, I regret nothing.
I hope next year, my damn work brings back the employee turkeys so that Kyle and I can host a little something for once. I was looking forward to making my first turkey, dammit!
Guess there’s always next year..

Oh, and don’t worry, I brought a doggie bag so they can enjoy the holiday (and food) too.


Post 05|30

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you all got your fill of food and created more cherished moments you can look back and laugh at. As for my end, everything was alright, but was in a time limit. Last week, I decided to make an Easter brunch since it’s the first Easter in the apartment. I looked up recipes and created a menu. I was set on this plan.

… of course when I always plan something out, there’s always something to come along and ruin everything I built: Kyle was scheduled an opening shift for pretty much the first time ever. What a freaken coincidence. He ended getting the shift switched with someone else giving him until 3 pm to start, but that means I had to be up at a certain time to start cooking. Last night, we got pretty drunk and I’m surprised I woke up early enough, but I had three hours to get everything done.

My menu follows as listed:

1. Roasted Potatoes.
My intention was to make that of country potatoes, but I eliminated a couple ingredients, thus making them into roasted potatoes. They were pretty good, but the next time I make potatoes, I’m sticking with red potatoes. I have less problems as far as removing them from the pan. They don’t stick as much as any other potato. Maybe it’s my pan or how I’m prepping them?

2. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.
Because who doesn’t like bacon? I wanted to create a twist with the bacon though since I didn’t want to just plate single slabs of meat like everyone most likely did. I was looking up recipes and found pancetta wrapped asparagus, and that’s where the idea came from, substituting the pancetta for bacon. I had to slow cook it because I had to make sure each side was frying. No one likes raw bacon. My veggie bacon, however, didn’t want to wrap around, so I had to plate mine as normal.

At least I didn’t go without.

3. Mushroom Fritatta.
Just like the bacon, I didn’t want to make something simple as like scrambled eggs, so I did my research and found the idea of a fritatta. Think of it as a baked omelette. Most of the recipes I’ve found called for meat, which was very discouraging, until I found a mushroom fritatta. Mushrooms, eggs, parmesan, and your favorite seasonings – you’ve created the best (and most simple) egg dish you’ve ever made.

This dish, you have to use a broiler, so make sure you find a pan safe enough to withstand such harsh temperatures.

4. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.
With all these carbs and hearty dishes, I needed something light and sweet to compliment the whole meal. My work helped me out with this idea; we serve this during breakfast hours. Layers of vanilla yogurt and your favorite seasonal fruits will do the trick.

5. Mimosas.
Nothing says “Sunday Brunch” like a mimosa in a semi-fancy glass. Orange juice and champagne together was the best drink ever created. Props to that guy who came up with the idea!

It took me a couple hours to finalize everything, but five minutes to eat. Go figure. Ever since I moved out, I’ve been interested in making my own meals. Plus it’s a lot cheaper. So I added a new category to share my recipes and/or talk about a meal I found interesting somewhere. Everyone likes sharing food let alone eating it, right?

Also, the best part of only having a house of two is all the leftovers that last for the remainder of the week. We are all set.

~Bon appetit.~