Passion Planner.

If there’s one person that I know I am, I’m not one to be the “organized” type. I try to plan, but it typically becomes more of a “spur of the moment” thing (unless it revolves with my work schedule). I came across this little convenience a year ago on Facebook with its Kickstarter video. I thought it was pretty nifty, but having an agenda wasn’t my thing.

Back in August, I rediscovered it again when it popped in mind. I took a look at it online and really slept on it, knowing that I may need something to keep my dates, plans, and schedules in one place. September came and I ended up preordering the 2016 edition. I was super excited about it as the weeks went on. It was a long two months, let me tell you.

Apparently this isn’t just an ordinary planner. It’s also a personal journal where you can store not only your appointments, but your goals, art, and ideas all in one.

Why I caved is because I would need something like this in my life for several reasons:
~ Being a new manager at work, I need something that I can jot down my schedule and keep a workload to-do list.
~ I do have a life outside of work, so this will help me become more organized.
~ I can use this to actually plan out the Life in a Photograph schedule. Remember those prompt posts I said I was going to keep up? Oops.
~ Because it is a goal based planner, this will me create goals that I don’t (currently) have.

I can’t start on it until January, but I’m hoping that this will do me a lot of good (if not, better) for the year.

New Year’s Resolution: make use of my Passion Planner.
2016, I’m ready for you.


300WP – Prompt Three.

~ What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it? ~

When given the question, most people would answer with names of famous paintings, photographs, or architectures. As much as I do appreciate a little history behind a certain medium, I follow with a different answer.

My favorite work of art comes from those that I know and respect. Friendships that have a goal and follow a dream in the idea of creativity. Whether it be simple doodles based upon boredom or the beginner musician eager to release their demo album, these works of art are one of a kind, purely original, and have yet to be discovered.

When these arts later on have their own pedestal of fame, I will smile at them, knowing I’ve been supporting since the beginning.

300WP – Prompt Two.

~ Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening? ~

I have my fair share of speaking when something felt not right. In fact, it’s one of my good, but bad traits of mine. I’m always there with such honesty and insight that people tend to be annoyed with my pure judgement. I could go down the list of events that I’ve been involved with, but I’ll just stick with the latest one. Plus it also gives me a reason to share this story:

Three weeks ago, Kyle and I took a late night grocery trip to Wal*Mart and was heading back home. We stopped at a red light, the corner or Howe Avenue and American River Drive. Here we are with a white car on our left of the intersection. Just your typical stop light wait. All of a sudden, we both hear harsh tires screeching. Our first instinct was to drive the red light, but we both didn’t know where the sound was coming from, so we remained at our permanent spot until I could get a clear view of what was happening. Seconds later, I see that same white car pass over the median, barely hitting our back bumper, as they drive back on American River and park. The next thing I saw was a white truck that came out of nowhere. He was trying to brake harsh, but even he knew he was going too fast. He too passed over the median behind us and ended up crashing into the only wall that was available, the whole truck flipping over. Kyle ended up parking and immediately called the police to report.

I gave the gal my report and what had happened. The best question was when she asked if there were any injuries, and I’m just thinking to myself, “ well the truck is upside down. You tell me, lady”. I answered in the nicest way possible, but you catch my drift. After I give my story, she tells me that someone was on their way to the scene and asked if I would still be there. Mind you, this is getting close to midnight and I had work in eight hours. I told her and I quote, “well I’m actually just heading home. I thought I would do the right thing to help out and report it”. She chuckled a bit and took my information down in case they needed to ask further questions.

Was I scared? Of course, I was almost in that accident.
What happened after? That still remains a mystery to me. Even when attempting to find some kind of news online about the accident, nothing is available.
Let’s just assume that everyone is okay so it stays a positive conscience.

300WP – Prompt One.

~ What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day? ~

Late night slumbers are never entirely my thing. I’m fact, I’m an insomniac – couldn’t get a decent amount of sleep even if my life depended on it. When it comes to laziness, I take advantage of it whenever I get the chance. Now I could spend this post just talking about all the different ways I can waste an afternoon – browsing the internet, playing the numerous games on my phone, or even Instagram stalking on those who like my posts – but none of those come close to being a “favorite way”.

When I dream, it’s usually something off the wall – no words can explain it rather. I become intrigued and fall deeper into the dream with no awareness of my body’s surroundings. Each moment pulling me in closer and closer. Suddenly a slight jolt sends my nerves a message, perhaps to tell me it’s time to wake up? I ignore as I carry on to see where the dream ends. Nearing what seems like the end, I feel a minor cold wetness on my face. The dream plays it off like it’s part of what’s attracting me, but I know better. I know exactly where this watery substance is from. I give in to the jolts as I peek my eyes open, only to find a black nose in my face. “Good morning, Bailey,” I would say as my dog starts licking my face and pawing at my blankets. Now I know where the jolts are coming from. I lift the comforter up as she walks underneath, circles around for a bit and plops down right at my side. Nothing beats a lazy day like a puppy to share a dream with.


Trying a new category out. I was told to post my prompts on here, so I’ll start with 300WP since I’ve already started on it. Haven’t decided on a set schedule for this yet. Maybe one prompt a day? One a week? I have now 299 of them left. We’ll see how this all works out.

Writing Prompts.

Since it became the biggest thing to do in high school, I’ve always loved to write. Whether it be a short poem or a basic story, I was always in my favorite binder, filled with scribbling of words put together. Some year ago, I stumbled upon these books at Barnes and Noble. Naturally I bought these, but if you know me, it’s hard for me to write in any book unless I’m 1000% sure I’ll use it from start to finish (which is very very rare). I then came up with an idea to create a separate blog to post each prompt and (of course) incorporate a photo wish each just to give a visual. I never got around to doing that.

The other month, Paige sends me a text of all the steals she got at B&N herself and the 300 Writing Prompt book was one of them. I told her about the two I had and what I wanted to with them. She thought it was a great idea. The next thing I knew, she had already created a Tumblr for it. She made it to where be both share the account, and we just made our first post today.

Although I don’t mind having two blogs (as I used to when I had my personal Tumblr), but I also feel like I should share these posts on here too. Maybe copy the 300WP on here, or start with the 642TWA? What do you guys think? If I were to add yet another category, how should I go about it? Ideas appreciated.

The New One Minute Manager.

Here’s a simple story of a young man that wants to know more of this prestigious manager/entrepreneur that is well known around his town. He sets up an appointment to meet with the manager to basically interview him. At the manager’s office after meeting, he tells the young man that he became what as known as a One Minute Manager and that there are three secrets of how to become one yourself. The young man of course asks what the secrets are, but the manager tells him to meet three special people of his to tell him everything. It took the young man two days to talk to these people, hearing their stories and each secret. After retrieving all three, he meets up with the manager once more to evaluate what he just learnt. In the end, the young man ends up with a job with this manager and ends up becoming a One Minute Manager himself.

Of course you know by now after the synopsis that this wasn’t an intentional read. In fact, my manager himself had me read this since I am now officially a supervisor in training. It was a simple read with only 94 pages with big enough font to finish over the course of one day. I honestly liked every word in this book. Not only could you use it in your job, business, or future career, but you can also apply these secrets in everyday life. And these secrets aren’t a secret at all, but they can be helpful in any situation. Don’t let the general idea of this book keep you from being interested, I highly recommend this to just about anyone. These “secrets” are what everyone needs in their life. Check it out, let me know what you think.

That Golden Dog.

Post 08|30
I’ve been following Candice Sedighan for awhile now since the first photo I saw of her dog, Champ. She’s a photographer with her model typically being her pup. Her passion led to better things over time with interviews from Yahoo!, starring on MSN’s homepage, even Good Morning recognized her. Becoming a viral sensation, Champ and Candice are very well known among the hundred thousand fans and then some.
Examples of their work as followed:

{Photos credited to Candice and Champ}

About a year ago, she posted on Instagram that a possible photo book was in the works. Fast forward to a few months later, she created a Kickstarter to fund the book. Which led me to pledge my $25 for the book and to show my support. Towards the end of 2014, she reached more than her targeted goal and happily planned out the structure of her shipments, thus leading me to eagerly await the arrival of my book. Today, I finally received the parcel I’ve been anticipating for. You can definitely see the amazing quality of her work and capture the cute sugar face of a big puppy.

The book honestly means a lot because they happen to be the inspiration of most of Bailey’s photos I’ve taken. Of course I’m not up to par with Candice’s expertise of dog photos just yet, what I’m working with is still pretty good for what I have.

If I could create a perfect living, I too would choose to just take photos of my furry best friend, but that’s for another time. Someday it will happen, but for now, we play around with props with Sidekick to capture each moment.

‘Ruff’ Reading.

I’ve caught a connection with my inner bookworm and have been on a reading spree ever since. Once I bought my first book for the first time in forever a few months ago, there was no turning back. Lately, my particular themed genre have been stories of fictional dogs. Me, being the canine lover I am, cannot pass up a good book that has dog inspiration.

I had bought “Dog Tags” some month ago at a local thrift store. The story goes of a retired cop and his German Shepherd partner have become partners in crime, stealing amongst. The two witness a killing and the cop is caught, assumed convict of the crime. If pleaded guilty, his dog/partner could be put down to rest. A dog loving attorney comes to the rescue (after much thought) and decides to represent the pup, convincing the Judge that he should live.

To be honest, I only read a fourth of this book since it is one of those small novels that most women in their thirties read with tiny printed lettering. Eventually it strained my eyes that I had to put the book aside for a while. I’m only up to their second trial, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next… once I get better eyesight.

“The Art of Racing in The Rain” is also my second reason why I put “Dog Tags” aside. This is a life story told through the perspective one of the two main characters: a philosophic dog named Enzo. He tells his story of his puppyhood, life with his owner/well known race car driver Denny, and the family that is built up and soon falls apart. Enzo also learns a lot about racing from Denny and applies racing skills to that of life.

This was one of the first books that had me in tears in a long time, but the ending was just pure joy.

After the previous book, I grew fond of the dog perspective stories and wanted more. I soon found “A Dog’s Purpose” when finding other reads to purchase and it had great reviews, as well as being a New York Times and a USA Today Bestseller. Not to give much away because there is a lot within the story, it involves a pup with multiple lives as he tries to find his purpose in life of being constantly reborn a new breed. He learns a lot about each human relationships and applies what he’s learned previously (and then some) to help the next owner in need.

With an awesome seller, there’s always a sequel to follow. “A Dog’s Journey” follows the same dog, but now with the story of one of his previous owner’s teenaged granddaughter and how their relationship becomes stronger overtime once the pup realizes his purpose was not over yet.

Both “Purpose” and “Journey” were both automatic tear jerkers for me, visualizing Bailey as if she was the one telling the story. The constant rebirth of the dog seemed overwhelming and gradually became predictable, but overall, two of the best novels ever read of a different theme.

Why I share these books is because not only were they some great reads (well, three out of four so far oops), but because of being a dog lover, I wanted to share why dogs are such an important species to the world and should be more accepted. Lately, I’ve been around people thinking a dog is just a dog. A dog happens to be more than that. They are pets to be helped, they are friends to be played with, they are family to be loved. If anyone that thinks very low of them reads one of the following, it would definitely change their mind in an instant, even if it is just fictitious animals.

Now, time to play with my puppy that I love.

Professor Myself.

In the previous post, I had mentioned that my community college was basically denying me my education. I would like some thoughts and feedback on how seriously messed up this all is. Anyway, here’s the story on how my school is a joke:

It all started about a year and a half ago when I tried to enroll the first time. After filling out all first paperwork that needed to be done before you become a student, I went to talk to my guidance counselor about what classes I would be looking at for my potential major, as well as all the general ed I should be focusing on to further my education. This was back when I was unemployed, had no means of cash, and was ineligible for financial aid because my dad was making too much at work. After getting an overview of how my first year *should* look, I then asked my counselor about my financial problems and where I could go that would help me out, which she said because of my dad making too much, there weren’t a lot of options. Then I had said, “Even though I am living under his roof and getting by with some support he can give me, I’m doing this all on my own, him not paying a cent for anything.”
.. and this is where she got me. She looked at me and said, “well you better ask your dad for the cash.”
After that, I thanked her for her help, but never returned. The fact she would even say something like that really irritated me. My dad was already doing enough. Having him pay for MY education was asking for too much. Needless to say, I ended up skipping out on that semester because I would’ve been completely broke if I spent the last of what I had.

Fast forward a few months later, I finally managed to get a job to support what I’ve been lacking. Even though school was on my list, I wasn’t able to attend because of my hours and availability, not to mention ride schedules. I ignored the next few semesters.

Finally, I was at the point to where I really wanted to go to further my future career by opting in my photography courses with possibly some general ed on the side. It was time to start considering enrolling again and decided that this Fall was perfect timing. I still was ineligible for financial aid, but I did have the money this time. I re-enrolled and eagerly waited for my registration date: July 14th.

When the time came around and I happily registered for my class. Then I looked at the total: $800. It was questionable, but I laughed and thought it was just a minor glitch in the system because everyone was on the site and made each page load lag. I ended up using the chat in the corner of the site to talk to a representative about it. She then tells me, “you are classified as a non-resident.” Me, someone that was born in Fresno and received their GED in Stockton, is a non-resident in the state of California. That makes sense…
Plus I had filed all paperwork a long time ago, stating my living arrangements. Why would they label me as something other than what I had written?
She then tells me that I would now have to file for a petition and show proof that I live in my current address. That morning, I ended up going back to the campus to get the papers for my petition. Two days later, I gave the woman at the desk the papers and my proof: my California ID, my birth certificate, my social, and I also went as far as giving them copies of my check stubs from work AND my bank statements. Then I was told that my registered class was flagged to NOT be dropped until they received my paperwork and that I had to check my school email around sometime the following week to see where it all would lead me. I was checking it everyday.

A week later, I got my follow up email. I had proof of my existence, all right; I just now had to show them proof that I’m filed under my dad in his 2013 taxes. By that point, I gave up. My dad hasn’t claimed me ever since I was 18 and working my first job, so there was no way to get around that. The last part of the email was simple: “please respond within 10 business days or we’ll drop your case.”
.. I lost before I started, clicking the “drop class” link immediately.

Now that the Fall semester going on right now, I didn’t let this get to the best of me. Sure I’m upset now that I know I’m “illegal” in their eyes and would have to pay $800 just for once class alone if I ever want to attend, but I’m self taught anyway, might as well become my own teacher if my community college doesn’t want to give me one. I was even told this could be a potential lawsuit, so I might look into that because I don’t think anyone who are willing to further their education should ever have to go through this. All this should’ve been done when I first enrolled last year. School has basically become a lie to me and that I don’t need to be forced into this. I ended up buying the photography book I would need on Amazon for $30 (the school selling it for $60), and I just got it in the mail on Friday. My personal syllabus is to read an hour of it everyday while taking the notes I need to expand my knowledge about my passion. Sidekick is pretty proud of me and excited to see what more we can do.

Who said you need a teacher to learn? I’ll be getting by just fine, all at the price of free.