Letter To Dad: Father’s Day 2017

Well, well, look what we have here – your daughter finally taking the time to reconnect. I figure the timing is appropriate given what day it is, and there are so many things that I’ve been meaning to tell you.

… but I guess we’ll just start with the only major two things.

1. So I have two jobs now! I still work at World Market as a stock associate for two days of the week, and then I’m pretty much full time at a place called Sourdough & Co. It’s a similar idea to Boudin, but this place originated in El Dorado Hills – let me tell you how much that Lyft ride was just to get there and back for training..
I know you – you’re probably laughing right now, saying how much I went back to old roots. True as that may be, I do see potential in this store as I am trying to work my way back up to where I left at Boudin. Hopefully this place will give me a starting opportunity to see what I’m really capable of. Wish me luck?

2. I finally got my license after much training and a lot of driving permits paid for. Keith called me later that night after I passed my test, saying how much he was proud of me and us knowing how much you were proud of me too.
But your car, dude! I went to pick that darn thing up and it’s all wobbly and shaky. It’s a scary thing, no wonder why you didn’t want to drive it. And then it cost me a lot just to get the transfer and registration started. Thanks for not paying your bills..
Right now, it’s currently at a dealership due to a minor recall on it in the past. Hopefully I am able to pick it up tomorrow because it’s been over a week since I took it in. Hopefully everything about it remains free. I mean, it is a recall after all.

You know, it’s such a strange feeling. This is the second Father’s Day that I can’t fully appreciate because you’re not around. I keep replaying everything in my head and it all feels like it’s all a dream. It’s still weird knowing that I can’t call you just to chat or visit you back in Stockton.
A numbing feeling is more like it…

Aside from my reasonable emotions, I hope you are doing okay in the afterlife. I hear the WiFi is great and the buffet is definitely endless. You should come visit me like you and Kevin did a couple months ago – it was nice knowing that you’re still around. Plus I would love to know what you’ve been doing these days. Say hi to Bailey and CJ for me.

Happy Father’s Day ❤


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