In The Month of April….

Well it certainly has been such a long time! Since my last post in March, everything has happened so suddenly that I really had no time to play catch up on here. But here I am now, two months later. There is so much to fill you in that this will be one mass post of everything that has happened in April. Stay tuned…

April 9th
Of course you know, my birthday was really close by. The more I thought about what I wanted to do, the more I wanted it to be super subtle. I decided on a really nice dinner with a close group of friends the night before and then we’d all go back to the house to drink up into the day of my birthday. Of course of it being my 25th birthday (guys, I’m so old now!), I had to go all formal about my invites that I really made nice invitations on Visaprint to mail out to everyone.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Iron Horse Tavern. I discovered this place when Kyle was off on one of his business meeting things last year and had almost took Chewie there for dinner, but opted out. Ever since then, I really wanted to try them out. Their menu was perfect for everyone’s dietary habits and then some that I had no reason to not try it on my birthday. Kim and Gretchen were the first ones there, then followed my coworker, Daniel, and his roommate, Lisa, and Catalina fashionably late as usual.

When I told Catalina about the menu weeks prior, we swore we were going to dive into the cheese platter they serve. It was a decent platter and very good, I was just disappointed by the portion sizes of the cheese.
Also, Cat ordered a giant pretzel.

Everyone knows about my cheese obsession that I definitely did not hold back for dinner. The restaurant has a “Mac and Cheese Bar” on the menu, and I ordered their trio option, so I would get three samples of any kind that was on the list. I ordered the Tavern, Pesto, and Lobster for my trio – the Pesto one was my favorite.

.. and then of course Cat HAD to order two different desserts.
She got the Creme Brulee for us and the Beignets for everyone to share.
The Creme Brulee didn’t meet Cat’s and mine’s “best creme brulee ever” list, but it was a lot better than Celadon’s in Napa. It included a hint of lemon, which was a nice touch. The could have added more sugar to the top though.

We all went to the house after dinner. We parted ways with Gretchen, but met up with Caleb and his group of friends at the house. We all talked and drank. Basically it.

Daniel is also a photographer that he brought his equipment over so I could check out a lens he was telling me about before. A Tamron 90mm Macro, and that thing is a beauty. Sample photos as followed:

Everyone slowly left one by one, but the party didn’t stop there when Juan and Katy finally joined us around 2 am.

… and then Juan pulled a “me” and took selfies on my phone when I wasn’t looking.

We stayed up until 7 am. Talk about a long night of drinking.

April 10th
Juan and Katy left the house for a previous engagement, and Kyle and I were pretty hungry. I get offers and coupons from Black Angus from the time I went with my Aunt and Uncle for my dad’s one year, and I got a birthday coupon for a free birthday steak dinner. We decided to go there and ended up giving him the offer while I got lobster tail.

Needless to say, Kyle was pretty happy about it…

I was also entitled to a birthday dessert too. I love being sung to by staff, to be honest..

Basically we only paid for my lobster that night since his steak and their version of a Pizookie were free and we only drank an excessive amount of water while there. Guys, get on that birthday offer – totally worth it!

April 12th

My friend, Stacie, felt bad that she wasn’t able to attend my birthday dinner that she made it up to me by taking me out to dinner on National Grilled Cheese Day. Definitely couldn’t say no to that. We were looking up places for the “best grilled cheese in Sacramento” and the first place that popped up: The Rind. Located in Midtown, it’s the quintessential wine and cheese lover’s heaven.

Not only was it Grilled Cheese Day, but it was their Wednesday special that we couldn’t say no to.

Excitement in a gist..

We shared their house grilled cheese and, dude, the sandwich melted in my mouth. My taste buds could not be happier. Cheesy, buttery, and crunchy – best combination ever!

We shared two desserts that evening:
1. A Bailey’s Irish Cream Creme Brulee – and it was heaven alongside the cheese. Though I’ve been looking for the best creme brulee, since this flavored, it can’t qualify as the best. But it’s definitely high up there.
2. A Salted Caramel Pear Cheesecake with Walnuts – I’m not a fan of pear and salted caramel, but this was pretty decent. I only had a couple bites of it because it was super rich and the fact I’m not allowed to have cheesecake as a vegetarian, so there’s that…

Any cheese lovers out there should definitely check The Rind out – you have two satisfied approvals in the photo above.

April 16th
Easter time, and I had almost forgot about my brunch that I make every year… but Kyle had other plans with his friends in Stockton. So what did we do? I kicked him out for the night and invited Stacie over for the night for a movie night and I would make her brunch the next day. She loved the idea and was over in a heartbeat.
My menu this year:
1. Candied Bacon – just brown sugar and melted butter and spread the mixture on the raw bacon evenly. I baked them for faster cooking.

2. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes – I used a slow cooker recipe for simple cooking because really making scalloped potatoes are a pain in the rear. Mix heavy cream, choice of cheese, garlic, and your choice of spices, cook for allotted time, and deliciousness is served.

3. Red Velvet Waffles with Fresh Fruit – I have a red velvet waffle mixture from World Market that I used and sliced up some berries to top it off. I bake my waffles in the oven since I have silicone molds and don’t really care to go out of my way to buy a waffle maker. Plus the oven makes the waffles more fluffier as it bakes like a cake.
Waffles not pictured because my dumb ass forgot to take a photo…

4. Orange Sherbet Mimosas – Stacie sent me the recipe and really wanted to make these. Just a couple scoops of orange sherbet ice cream, orange juice, and champagne, and that’s it!

Everything took me around 4 hours to complete, but 5 minutes to devour. Go figure.

Kyle indeed missed out on a good brunch, haha.

April 21-24th

I went to Fresno for Misha’s birthday weekend for a few days. They picked me up that Friday and roamed the city. We ended catching up at our usual spots in River Park. Sadly, it definitely isn’t what we remember it to be anymore. We did check out the small arcade there to pass the time.

The rest of the day was just relaxing and counting down the minutes to her 28th birthday – which that was a fail too since we passed out well before midnight.

The next day, we got ready for the day and her dad took us to a poke bowl place that apparently has been open for some time. Pokiland was what it was called, and everything about that place was delicious.

We have a lot of these places here in Sacramento, but I’ve never been to one. All the fast convenience of sushi rolls in a bowl for clean eating – best idea ever!

After lunch, we drove into Clovis to see a couple familiar faces. We met up with Misha’s old coworker/”big sister”, Laura, at her work. Fist time ever meeting this chick and she’s was pretty cool. Too bad she had work the whole weekend I was there, otherwise it would’ve been super fun to get to know her.

After meeting Laura, we went to go see Beth at work. It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen her, it was nice to catch up. Even free Starbucks at its finest!

Things we find coming back into town…

After catching up, Misha wanted to keep her day chill and just see a movie, which I was all for. We ended up seeing Power Rangers since she was DYING to see it and I was the only one in her list of friends to accept it haha. I barely remember any of the shows as a kid, but the movie was wicked awesome.

Oh, and did you know that any Regal Cinema are now checking bags no matter what? I had Sidekick with me and they said I would have to talk to customer services to see what they could do with me bringing my camera inside. Long story short, I had to leave my battery with the manager in order for them to say it was okay, BUT they were totally okay with my keeping my iPhone that can do the same things as my DSLR could. I don’t understand it one bit, but friendly tip to those going to a Regal Cinema any time soon: they check all bags, find new ways to smuggle your outside food..

After the movie, we decided on Denny’s for dinner, knowing that we were going to eat a lot of junk at the house.

… I may have gotten bored waiting.

The next morning, we all went to church because her dad wanted to go. It’s been a long time since I’ve been at church that I honestly felt so out of place there, but most of the session was baptisms, which were pretty cool to witness.

Later that evening, her dad, family, and I kept a whole birthday dinner surprise under wraps.. until we got there when the hostess was told twice to keep quiet about it, but still announced “Party of 10”. Dumbass…

Good food with good people.

The next day, Kyle picked me up and browsed around town for a while.

Well here are all the things that happened in April.
Congratulations for making it this far.
Next two updates, coming hopefully very, very soon…


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