A1 Driving School.

If anyone knows me, they would know one HUGE fact about me: I’m a 25 year old adult that still doesn’t know how to drive.
Sad, isn’t it?
Well, while I’m doing nothing until my other job starts up (update about that soon to follow), I decided to take advantage of my time and get at least one goal for the year completed.

When Catalina was in the process of getting her license a couple years ago, she recommended me to go through the same school she was in. She told me her experience and the package of classes she took. I always kept it in mind, but never did anything about it.

Weeks before I was supposed to go to Fresno, Kyle and I made a deal that if I had gotten my driving out of the way or at least started, that he would pick me up to take me home. Naturally I had to wait until the last minute to make sure schedules wouldn’t conflict (long story), but I called to set up my classes on Wednesday before I was to leave out of town.

There were several different packages to choose from, but I chose their Silver Package: three days 2 hour sessions and then the school would set up my driving test and I could use their car for the test.

My schedule:
Session One – April 25th @ 8:30 pm
Session Two – May 4th @ 3:30 pm
Session Three – May 9th @3:30 pm
Driving Test – May 11th @ 12:30 pm

I literally had only three weeks to learn how to drive…

Session One
Session one was going over the basics, like hand/car signals, turning, sign readings, keeping your car centered, stop signs – things like that. Having getting some practice with these with friends and family, I already knew most of these. This went on for two hours, and my instructor, S.L. (abbreviating names for safety) was the best, asking me how I would prefer to be taught, as in would I want them to keep talking or just instruct. I told them that if we held conversations, it may help my nerves a bit. They also gave me their own side tips and guided me rather than criticized me.

Session Two
Session two was freeway, midtown with all the stop signs/one ways, and backing up straight. My instructor, S.J., was fairly new to teaching, so we learned a lot together. Although they were super stern with me, it kind of helped me be more focused and aware of a situation. It was also my first time on the freeway and in midtown that it may have given them a slight scare, but we conquered fears together. My student critique: don’t have them teach you how to back up straight – I learned how to do it better on my third session.

Session Three
Session three: I was back with S.L. and I couldn’t have been more happier. They taught me a better way to back up and went over what was to be expected in the test, some point deductions, and automatic fails – as if I wasn’t already nervous enough…

Dun Dun Dun!
Driving Test. The day I’ve been anticipating on for seven years with 4 permits.
My instructor was A.S., and they were totally the best option for pre-driving test jitters. They reminded me as myself, as they said, “I hope you’re okay with my dark humor”. I bonded with them shortly after that statement. The best thing about the day was that we did an hour overview before heading over to the DMV, which helped the nerves A LOT. AS also warned me about the examiner that I had that likes to joke with you in all the wrong ways, their famous joke saying that you failed miserably when you really passed. Obviously this examiner didn’t know that I could play the game too.

Above all, I was so freaken nervous. The examiner began subtle chats here and there, so my nerves slowly died down, but man – it all came down to this day. It was only a 15 minute test, but it felt like an hour. I wanted just for it to be done already. Just tell me how I’m doing!

After the test, A.S. drove me back home and that was the end. It was over, those three weeks went by super fast. I just want to thank everyone at A1 on their incredible teachings and becoming my heroes for the month.

Oh, how did I do on the test?

You’re looking at the newest female, Asian driver in Sacramento, CA – everyone watch out!

The hardest part is over.
Next: getting a car…


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