Kyle’s 25th.

This year might hold a lot of mid-20 life crisis’ as Monday was Kyle’s 25th birthday!
… at least for me. I don’t even want to begin thinking about our ages.

Anyway, what was meant to be a “work weekend” turned out to be the best surprise ever.

Story time!
… get your popcorn ready, this is a long one.

When February started, I kept telling Kyle that if he was planning on anything to let me know asap as I get three weeks of my work schedule. By the time he told me about brunch with the family, it was already wayy too late for me to say anything to my boss, and I gave him crap about his poor time management yet again. But I took the opportunity to make this a positive thing by trying to plan a surprise party again.

Kyle’s birthday was on a Monday, which he typically has off anyway, so I planned the party to be on that Sunday night since he had work until 10 pm. The perfect plan! I also had to lie to Kyle about my work schedule, telling him that I worked early in the morning on Monday so that he wouldn’t plan anything. I never lie to him, so this was a lot of stress put on me to keep my story straight.
… also little did I know, he planned a business meet up in the early afternoon on his birthday like he always does. I just bit my tongue – he’ll eventually learn to never plan other things to do when it’s his birthday when I’m around.

Over the course of two weeks, I messaged our friends to see what their schedules were, as this was planned super last minute. I had a few yes’ and nos, but time will tell when the time comes. After invitations were settled, I planned on Sunday night for everyone to be at my house by 10:30 at the latest to surprise him.

The Sunday rolled around and I had work until 3:30 pm, but I asked my MOD, Monica, if I could leave thirty minutes early because of the party I was planning. Monica is super awesome btw, and she did let me go. I took a Lyft to the liquor store to supply up and headed home to get the house ready. I quickly sent some reminder texts to possible guests only to have half of them flake on me, but whatever. The party was going to happen with or without them anyway.

This is where anxiety kicked in so hard – Kyle called me at 9 pm, saying that he got off work early and he was heading home. This month, he’s been working in Stockton to cover for their GM for reasons, so that still gave me about an hour and a half for everyone to get here. I immediately called everyone: “CODE RED!!”
Everyone got to the house in time, but the wait was excruciating. I was pacing back and forth in the living room, frequently checking outside, trying to breathe. I don’t do well under pressure when things don’t go according to plan..

About 15 minutes later – “SURPRISE!!”

Okay: now to the party:

Of course you guys know I take my hostess role very seriously.
.. and I didn’t take very many photos because alcohol.

Again, only half showed up, but that was fine because it was getting super hot in the house with the body heat around. We all had a blast anyway.

As far as gifts go, I got Kyle a special kind of Jameson that I found at Total Wine and freaken Catalina and Caleb got him a didgeridoo. A freaken didgeridoo. Seriously?? I also learned that a didgeridoo is not that easy to play as it looks.

We had one party foul where some kid threw up all over our carpets…
Prior to that, I invited Kyle’s friend and my business partner, Carlos, to the party and he asked if he could invite a couple friends over. I was totally fine with it – the more the merrier! The condition, however, was only if these people can handle their liquor as I do not want to play babysitter anymore. You come into our house, you control yourself, as Kyle and I established based on past parties.
Needless to say, we kicked the friend out as the guy went to pass out drunk in Carlos’ car. We were not having it. The stain unfortunately remains, but we have his hat as collateral. He wants it back, he’s going to have to come scrub out his mess. Or at least apologize to us. Lexi don’t play.

Other than that, the night was perfect. With friends, booze, and the complete expansions of Cards Against Humanity. It doesn’t get any better than that.


2 thoughts on “Kyle’s 25th.

    • Well his drunk ass left it here, but he’s not getting it back lol.
      It’s not going to be a repeat because I invited those I know can keep themselves together haha.

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