Curry Rice and Miso Udon.

When it comes to having food for the house, Kyle and I tend to be bad at managing it. Whether our fridge is on the verge of being bare empty or we overstock so much that we lose money from expiration dates, there is never an equal balance. The one thing I do like about closely expired foods is that I can experiment with recipes. The menu two nights ago happened to be curry over rice with miso udon.

The curry was already a bullion like mix – all I had to do was add veggies and meat.
My choices were carrots that were slowly drying, shiitake mushrooms that have been sitting in the fridge for about a week and a half, and some shrimp I had in the freezer since last year…
I just fried them up a bit, and then let them further cook in some boiling water for about 15 minutes. After, remove from heat and plop the curry bullion in and stir until thickened. Easy stuff.

The miso udon was a little tricky for me, but I managed well.
I assume everyone knows how to make noodles (basic cooking 101), so I’ll leave that part out haha.
As the noodles were cooking, I was also in the process of making the miso broth on the side. I used the miso paste that comes in the tub and followed instructions as directed: 1 1/2 cup of water, three tablespoons of miso, mix until dissolved.
After everything was ready, I combined the miso mixture with the udon. Apparently homemade misos calls for dashi along with the paste, but who has that in their cupboards?? I made it my own by adding a splash of soy sauce and wasabi flavored furikake – like those are really the same thing lol. Either way, the broth wasn’t half bad.
… but then I decided to over do my experimenting by adding in three eggs to the soup. More on that later.

My rice cooker needs a name as it is my best friend.
Any suggestions?

The aftermath:

The curry was excellent. I almost failed to mention that I used the “medium spicy” mix, but it wasn’t spicy at all. In fact, it was quite subtle, but flavorful. The veggies were super soft for the chew. I slightly overcooked the shrimp as it was a bit tough, but hey, that’s what trials and errors are for. I’ll remember this for next time.

My miso udon was surprisingly good after all that work. Noodles to perfection, furikake gave it a slight delicious kick, and the miso could be tasted.
The one thing is that because I added three eggs to the soup that it unfortunately thickened to where the consistency looked like Asian Fettuccine Alfredo, but it may be the greatest mistake because I enjoyed every bite.

And now we have new leftover food to last us…. maybe a week.


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