National Homemade Soup/Stuffed Mushroom Day.

The one thing I incorporated into my Passion Planner this year are fun little national holidays. In this case, food holidays. Yesterday happened to be both National Homemade Soup Day and National Stuffed Mushroom Day. Definitely couldn’t pass it up.


My soup wasn’t exactly “homemade”, but I did add more ingredients to make it my own. My soup base was already a minestrone mix from Bear Creek. Just add water. I added some broccoli, carrots, diced tomatoes, and canned corn into the mix and just let it simmer for 30+ minutes to make sure all the veggies softened.

I got this recipe from AllRecipes.

The part that took the most time was making the stuffing mix, which consisted of cream cheese, garlic, the stems from the mushrooms, and the spices.

After the mix was prepared, just stuff the mushrooms as you would.
Also, the recipe didn’t call for it, but I sprinkled some panko on the tops of the mushrooms for that added crunch.

The Aftermath:

I was looking forward to the soup – the aroma was just too appetizing every time I had to stir (I mean look at it!), and I was kind of skeptical of the mushrooms because of it using a cream cheese mix, but I’ll try anything once.

The Result:

The soup was amazing. Super hearty with the extra vegetables with so much flavoring, and the veggies softened up just nice. I was already full by the first serving.

The mushrooms blew my mind. The creaminess of the cheese, the fried garlic, and the spices paired very well together. And the panko I added on was a nice touch. I even had left over cream cheese mix that I ended up saving it in a container for toast or bagels when I don’t want to eat too much for my morning shifts. Simple on the go breakfast. I do recommend this recipe.. that’s if you do like mushrooms.

I spent last night’s dinner with the dogs – the best company.

Oh, and don’t worry. Since the pups can’t eat what I made, they definitely didn’t go without a special dinner too.

Rice and spam.
A dog’s favorite meal.


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