National Cheese Lovers Day.

Two Fridays ago was National Cheese Lovers Day, and being the cheese lover that I am, I couldn’t pass the opportunity.

I invited my two other cheese loving friends, Catalina and Stacie to my place to celebrate. Catalina was able to make it, Stacie had to take a raincheck for our next Puppy Wine Date.

I picked up some cheeses and salami from my work to have with some crackers.

Some Brie and Gouda because why not.

Some veggies to dip in a fondue I made.

The Swiss Fondue mix came from my work too, but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I’m not a big fan of Swiss as is and the scent was straight up white wine. It wasn’t pleasant at all.
But I made this from my slow cooker, believe it or not. Now that I know that I can do that, I’ll be making my own fondue next time because the mix was just terrible.

I also made this pizza recipe I found on Facebook. It was a Balsamic Strawberry Pizza with ricotta cheese and it was delicious. The one thing I changed from the recipe was that it called for basil leaves and I didn’t want to buy more spices, so I just sprinkled some rosemary. Same thing, right?

Oh, and the dough I got from Kyle’s work lol.

Catalina did the honors of bringing dessert: dark chocolate fondue.

She also brought some cookies and things for chocolate dipping, but we settled with the fruit I got.

It was a definite much success on the love of cheese.
Also, coming up in April the day after my birthday is Cheese Fondue Day. I may have to come up with a new recipe.


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