Monterey 2016.

Back story: I was at work back in October doing my thing when my friend, Catalina, texted me about wanting to make a Monterey trip. It was like 8 am when I got back to her and I simply said, “that does sound nice.”

Little did I know, she was actually planning the trip..

About a week later, she told me about her price estimate and asked for a date we wanted to go. I told her anytime, but that I would have to put in my request off work like yesterday. We settled for mid-month and was anxiously awaited for our travels.

We left Sacramento on Wednesday Dec. 7th in the evening and got to our hotel around 10 pm. There we just ate our snacks of what we brought before calling it an early night an hour later.

The one thing about Cat is that I can always count on her to not judge me on how much I eat because she carries the same appetite as I do. It was going to be an epic adventure of food and the occasional beach.

The next morning, our bodies decided to wake us up at 7 just because. We got ready for the day and headed out.
We headed out to Cannery Row and checked out the scene.

One of the reasons for the trip was to check out the aquarium so that was on our list for the day. The place didn’t open up until 10 so we had an hour to spare. We decided to have some breakfast – our first meal of many for the day.

I had a veggie quiche and a spinach/cheese croissant.

She had a decent sized omelette.

After, we headed to the aquarium and had a field trip.

Sidekick’s photos:

iPhone 6s photos:

“Have you seen my son??”

This little guy was following us everywhere, so I took a photo with him.

After the aquarium, we scoped around Cannery Row for some cookies, candy, garlic, and photos.

Some of my best shots of Cat:

Another reason why we were out there was because there is this whole spot that has this monarch butterfly migration, so we checked that out. Sadly it was raining periodically here and there that day, so the butterflies were all huddled in the top of the tree. Nothing a zoom lens can’t fix.

After, we decided to head into Carmel to check out a beach. Unfortunately we were stopped by some shops that we didn’t get to the beach in time. We ended up getting more pastries..

We did have dinner there, however. We ate at this place called Grill on Ocean Avenue (where I used to sit and talk with you). Such a nice restaurant that looked too fancy for our own good. We ended up ordering a bowl of their butternut squash soup (which definitely wasn’t worth their price of $15) and splitting some appetizers.

Since she was driving, there was no reason why I shouldn’t have a drink. Our waiter recommended this to me, so I can’t really recall was it was called. All I know that it was SUPER strong. I was already feeling it by one sip!

The Grilled Portabella Mushroom: super good with the light salad underneath it, I’m just not a polenta fan.

Dungeness Crab Cakes: buttery and flavorful – what more could you want?

I was all excited for this one: Brie and Roasted Garlic. It was a sample plate of melted Brie and Goat Cheese with some fruits, garlic, and crostinis to pair it with – my taste bud’s dreams. The thing about me that it’s just awfully disgusting on how much I love cheese, but if you just accept it because it is me, we can still be friends.

After dinner, we traveled back to our hotel to call it a night.
… we ended up drinking some wine that I brought with me and that Cat bought at a nearby convenient store and eating some more.

Yes, she brought a whole pie and it was delicious.

The next day, Cat wanted to check out the 17 Mile Drive which I couldn’t say no to that adventure again.

During that ride, we stopped by the only pit stop on the drive to use the restroom and pick up more food. Can’t ever go wrong with cheese and bread.

… especially the cheese.

After, we when back to Carmel to check out some dog boutique that we came across when we were there last night. I ended spending like $100 there – no regrets.

The next day was just a simple last day – we had some breakfast at Black Bear Diner and then got our palms read just for fun. At the end of the year, I’ll probably make a post about what the psychic said – I have everything she said written down somewhere, so if it all falls true by December, it’ll make for one hell of a story.

After that, we started heading towards home, but making a pit stop to Casa De Fruita to pick up some fruit for the house. Also while we were there, some eggnog ice cream on a sugar cone called my name.

I love Casa De Fruita – holds a lot of my childhood memories.

We made it home at a decent hour: around 8 pm. It was nice getting out of town for a while and our friendship has gotten stronger. Hopefully we can plan another trip together like that again sometime – it was super fun.

The rest of Sidekick’s photos are on my Smugmug.


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