Happy New Year/One Second Everyday.

Happy New Year, everyone. I can’t believe that it’s already 2017!
(Um, Lexi, it’s been 2017 for the past two weeks…)
Yeah, but I suck at updating, so here we are.

Thinking about the past, I can say that 2016 wasn’t exactly the ideal year for me. Too much change compressed into 365 days: losing Bailey, quitting my job, losing relationships, losing your sanity to that dark sinking feeling. Yeah, I would not want to relive last year.

But of course with the downfalls, there are always upsides: traveling to Washington, achieving a closer bond with family, rekindling old friendships, and of course Koda.

Every year, we’re supposed to come up with some kind of resolution, right? Well after thinking about what mine should be, I decided to not have one, but rather set some goals little by little. My main focus all together is trying to get myself back on track. I’ve been too down in the dumps for far too long that I need to make a change about my attitude on life. Granted some of that depression was a “grieving period”, but I think it’s about time to make my world a better place. I am almost 25, I need to plan my future for me.

With all of this said, I do have a couple of posts that I need to get caught up on for the month of December (I suck at updating, remember?). While you’re waiting for those, feel free to watch this video I made during the entire year of 2016. If you haven’t heard of the app “One Second Everyday”, I highly suggest you check it out.

Enjoy (:


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year/One Second Everyday.

    • At least you’re not as behind as me – I hardly put any effort into my blog last year! Let’s make this one of our goals this year, to stay more active lol.

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