Christmas/New Years.

What happened during my holidays? Well I’ll tell you.

Christmas Eve:
My family’s tradition is Christmas Eve, hosted at my Uncle Rick/Aunt Cheryl’s place again.

Traditional Family Photo:

… and these guys.


And the White Elephant Game:

It was nice to see everyone again, but it also makes you realize how long it’s really been since you last see each other – they all thought I was still working at Boudin. I haven’t been working there for six months by then but oh well. Makes for a longer conversation rather than the “oh how have you been? That’s nice.” kind of thing.

Christmas Day:
Kyle’s family was in town for the week, so we spent Christmas at his Grandmother’s.

Our family photo… in the car.

Everybody with their dogs lol.

Also, I was at work one morning and one of the wine delivery trucks was “Roth Estate” Wines. Sadly, World Market doesn’t sell it, but I was determined to find it. When I did my research, I really wanted to try the Cabernet, but it was sold out everywhere! I settled for the Sauvignon Blanc, which was alright. I don’t really do whites anymore, but it was decent enough to give it a try.

New Years Eve:
My side of the family hosts New Year’s Eve thanks to my Grandmother for keeping traditions alive, so I went over to my Aunt’s house to help prep the menu. For a few hours before Kyle came home from work early and had our own New Years Eve with the pups.

New Years Day:
Morning is Ozoni and Black Beans, so my Uncle Jerry/Aunt Sandy hosted at their place. It was the first time I’ve been there and it was NICE. House goals for sure.

Kyle had his first taste of Ozoni – he didn’t like it as much haha.

Evening is our hosting, so it was back at my Aunt’s place’s clubhouse.

I didn’t take very many photos; I was too busy eating everything haha.

Also, PLEASE tell me this isn’t the funniest fridge magnet you’ve ever seen.
I found it at my Aunt’s. Along with a photo of my Grandfather back in the day – what a handsome man lol.


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