October Updates.

You know what grinds my gears?
The fact that my laptop can’t connect to the WiFi properly for some reason, so 98% of the time I have to use the small Ethernet cable if I want to browse the internet – which our modem is in the dining area (since it’s the only place to put the box) and I’d rather sit on my comfy couch than the bar stools. First world problems.

Other than that, here are some things that have happened to get you caught up with my life if interested.

So as you all know, I got a job at Cost Plus World Market and it’s been a little over a month that I’ve been there. Currently we are setting up for Christmas and it has been a real pain in the rear. Not only have we just been stocking product, but we also have to build the shelving and fixtures. The awesome upside to it: I can play with power tools. Just call me “Handy Lexi” for all your fixing needs.

.. I’m kidding. Please don’t.

Just recently, my stock manager talked to me about a seasonal position available for being a Stock Leader as she thought I was perfect and qualified for the spot. Basically I’d be helping leading the stock team as like a side supervisor without me actually running the shift, plus it comes with guaranteed hours. Mean, I know I can do it, but do I really want it? Not really since I don’t want too much responsibility of the store just yet, but I put my name on the paper just to see what would happen.

Oh, and the best thing about working there is that I get AWESOME discounts not only at World Market, but to other stores under the same company name. Hence the photo above.

This month was mine and Kyle’s 4 year anniversary.
Four. Years.
.. too long.
Since I had work that morning of, we just stayed in town this year. When I got off work at 10 am, I made us brunch, and I had quite the menu to go with it:
~ Mixed Berry Crepes with Nutella
~ Raspberry Scones with White Chocolate Chips
~ Country Potatoes
~ Pork Chops with a Apple Sauce Drizzle (because he wanted a protein)
~ Mimosas

After that, I took a nap since my shift that morning was 2-10 am and I was not about to continue the day as a zombie. After the nap, we got ready and browsed around some shops for a while since there really isn’t anything to do on a Thursday evening. Then we went to Arigato Sushi for dinner. I love Arigato Sushi. It may be my favorite sushi place in Sacramento since we’ve been frequenting there lately.

The plan was to go see a movie right after, but I was so tired that I would’ve fallen asleep in the theater, so we just went home and had a couple drinks before I had to go to bed – I had work the next day at 6 am.

Update on my dad’s house: it has been sold.
My Aunt and I got together and discussed everything that happened and it’s quite a long story. Basically all lawyers and everyone in real estate was giving her the run around every day until requested everything to be straightforward and all complete within a week. I would’ve done the same.

I ended up getting my dad’s 1/4 portion of the house and let’s just say it’ll be in savings for a very, very long time. I just hope I don’t have to pay a large chunk for taxes on it..

Goodbye, house. Goodbye, memories. I hope this new family will treat you right.

So with my dad’s money in mind, I have decided to make three big purchases with it and invest the rest wisely. My purchases include of an iPhone 6 since they’re going for cheap now haha, an upgrade to Sidekick, and the one I could not say no to: I got a new puppy!

One day I was looking online for the hell of it and came across a listing from a lady in Citrus Heights who had four Beagle puppies. I quickly emailed her about them and we texted all day about me coming over to meet them (I was also at work talking to her about them, oops). The next day Kyle and I went to her house in Citrus Heights and met all the pups. I wanted them all, of course. Originally I was questioning about another puppy, but he was already pending for another home. I then met this little guy as he was super social, came up to me on his own with no problems, and started biting my shoe and my bag. Yup, he’s a keeper.

Meet Koda, the newest member of the family. Purebred Beagle and two months old – the same age as Bailey when I got her.

FAQ about Koda:

“How did you come up with his name?”
When I saw him on the listing, his original name was “Dakota”. It’s easier to get a puppy since they don’t recognize the name given by breeders, so I spent the day trying to come up with a new name, watching his mannerisms and looking at him. Most of the time, I caught myself calling him “Koda” so I just shortened it and it stuck. Now because of his name, all I thought about was “Brother Bear”, which I had watched a few days before meeting Koda – it was fate.

“Why a Beagle?”
Well you guys know Bailey and how much she means to me. After having her, I couldn’t see myself with any other breed (besides Chewie). Yeah Beagles are the hardest to train, but with a little patience and a lot of love, you can prove that theory wrong… as long as you work really, really hard with the puppy because omg I do not miss the puppy years. I can’t wait until he’s bigger and smart lol.
So far, he’s catching on.

“How does Kyle/Chewie feel about Koda?”
They had no say, so there.
1. Kyle was accepting and supporting with him knowing about Bailey’s circumstance. He knew I was ready for another pup and was alright with the decision. He was actually the one that wanted Koda in the first place when he looked at the listing.
2. Not only was I in grieving with Bailey, but Chewie was as well, so I made sure he was ready for another dog in the house. Everyday I would ask him “are you ready for another dog in the family?” or “are you ready for new brother or sister?” Chewie would cock his head at me and then wag his tail – he was just as ready as I was. When we came home with Koda, he was completely accepting of him, the both of them playing and getting to know each other. He’s now earned the name “Big Brother Chewie” and he plays his role to perfection, getting annoyed by Koda fast and the both of them getting into (playful) fights. It’s kind of funny.

“How much was Koda?”
Given that he’s purebred, he cost a pretty penny.
$800 worth of pennies…

Invest in your dogs wisely, guys.

There’s my October for you – everything new, but still living the same: always busy because work.
Now to buy a super long Ethernet cable so I can update more often.


4 thoughts on “October Updates.

  1. Ahh Koda is so cute!! I already can’t wait for the photo shoots! And speaking of cameras, I’m super stoked that you’ll be upgrading Sidekick!
    Good news, good news 😃

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