Cost Plus World Market.

Late August, I began submitting in applications to everywhere and anywhere since I was on the verge of being completely broke. Early September, I got a call back from Cost Plus World Market asking if I was interested in an interview. The gal briefly explained what position was available at the time and if I was still interested after that insight that they were holding an open interview the following week.

I went to check it out and the only people that were there was myself and another guy – that was it. We met the GM and the manager of said position and discussed more in depth about it before asking us about ourselves. Long story short, the guy and I were hired on the spot.

A month later, what started as being a stock associate for 12 hours a week ended up being crossed trained for other positions due to having completely open availability for over 25 hours a week.

My schedule has been pretty much set:
~ 2 am Wednesdays
~ 6 am Thursdays and Fridays
~ Whenever they need me Saturdays and Sundays.
… but all this could change soon since we’re setting up the Holiday Phases in the store.

So far, it’s still different to me because this is the first time ever working retail, but I enjoy it for the most part. I have a lot to learn as far as working on the floor being customer service, but it’s chill of a job and I can see this lasting for a while.

Here’s to new chapters in life with better experiences.


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