Bistro Boudin.

Serving three years at Boudin has its perks, especially when you’ve been in management team for some time. One of the perks was that you were entitled to these Boudin IOU Gift Cards that are redeemable to any Boudin Cafe (excluding the California Adventures location). $200 of gift cards saved up and I began to plan a trip to the prestigious Boudin Cafes of all Boudin Cafes: Bistro Boudin.

The thing about Bistro Boudin is that it is pretty pricey. Example, a clam chowder bread bowl is around $20, but I believed it is served with 20 oz of soup in a 1 lb round – if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re interested, the menu is available for your convenience.

Located on the second story of the bakery on the Wharf, I forgot the feeling of being excited of going to a Boudin. We were seated, served with some bread (of course) and proceeded to browse the menu one more time before making the final decision. I’ve looked over this menu many of times, but I wanted to make the first trip worth it.

Of course we started off with some drinks and calamari.
Fun fact about me: I cannot stand the tentacles of calamari – they freak me out and it just looks super weird being served as they do. Kyle usually takes one for the team and eats those pieces before I accidentally touch one. I just can’t.

They did take their time with cooking the meals and the wait was worth it. I ordered the Black Peppered Ahi Tuna and it was fantastic. If you love pepper, this one is for you. The pepper brings out its smokey flavors and it paired well with the sweet tuna. Served was some carrots, broccolini, and fried greens that I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to eat, but did anyway. There was also a dollop of paste on the side which I thought was sweetened horseradish (if that makes sense), but I wasn’t fond of it and I opted out of it.

Kyle ordered his steak since he never gets any because my diet habits suck, but he respects it. Also served with some potatoes and some au jus sauce for pouring/dipping.

After one of the best meals we’ve had in a while, it all came down to the bill.
I should also point out that a Boudin IOU Card is a gift card for a customer that has had bad service and was a way to make it up to said guest. When the gal saw that I had a stack of them, she politely asked about them and I told her I worked at the Sacramento location. The manager gave me an employee discount of 25%.

What would’ve been a bill that was close to $130 was dropped down to around $90. Score.

After, we preceded downstairs to check out the gift shop to see if there was anything we could spend the last stack of gift cards on. Boudin on the Wharf also sells seasonal breads sometimes and discontinued loaves. So when I saw that they still had Ciabatta bread, I could not say no. I missed the Ciabatta bread.

We decided to walk along the pier to walk off some of the food and to catch some Pokemon. So far on this journey, we caught enough Tentacools to evolve to a Tentacruel, and we’re halfway in candies to evolve to a Gyarados.

Side story about this photo:
So as we were walking down the piers, we came across a (what I think was) wedding photo shoot. The public was respectful of staying away from the event, let alone the area, trying not to cause trouble for the photographer, the helper holding the reflector, and the newlyweds.
And then there’s me, watching the photo shoot for a few minutes and snuck in a photo of my own. Doesn’t look to shab for trying to be discreet about it.

We stayed in the city until the sun was setting. It’s really a long distance away from SF to Sacramento and we did not want to be stuck in any form of traffic.

Usually we have a rough time in SF, but this trip managed to run smoothly as possible. I call this trip a success.

Now I still have my last $100 of IOU cards – who wants to come with me again?


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