Chewie’s 3rd Birthday.

Today is everyone’s favorite raccoon dog’s birthday!
And if you know me, I go all out with my pets’ birthdays..

This year I made him some pupcakes for him and his best dogfriend to share (which their get together has been delayed for another day, sad face).
The cake mix is from Puppy Cake. I discovered the brand on an episode of Shark Tank once and (of course) I had to check them out. I’ve been buying their products since and all the dogs love it! Although not recommended, it contains natural and safe ingredients that us humans could share some with their pup if they wanted to.

There’s also a frosting pack that comes with every box of cake mix, but I had to use this pack for another event a while back, so I made my own frosting. Using safe peanut butter, plain yogurt, and some honey, Chewie absolutely loved it! It was hard taking his photos because all he wanted to do was eat the frosting.

Since he is 3 years old, he’s legal to drink now lol. I discovered Bowser Beer online somewhere and I gave it a try with Bailey on her 2nd birthday. Bowser Beer is made with their own stock broth with some natural flavoring that help with great health. Chewie can now enjoy a cold one with us haha.

Of course, the photoshoot. Chewie was a good boy of sitting still just fine, but he really hated the hat, so I was only able to get photos of him glaring at me lol.

The rest are in my SmugMug.


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