Kyle has kept talking about traveling to see his Grandmother and finally we planned it all out as our vacation for the year with Zach and Alley tagging along as well. We just got back a week ago and a lot has happened. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of our vacation.

Monday, Aug. 8th

Our flight leaves at 8 am, therefore Zach and Alley had to be at the house by 6. The guys’ dad dropped the four of us at the airport. When we got there, we heard over the intercom that they were trying to push the flight time a lot sooner. We rushed through the TSA and the shuttle we had to take and made it in time. It was a quick flight too, an hour and a half.

Once we landed, we had to take another shuttle to Seattle. 20 minutes of rest time of what we could get.

According to Kyle, their Grandmother lives on the Peninsula, so we had to take the ferry to get across. First time on a boat of any sort and I wasn’t complaining. In fact, the view was pretty nice for another 20 minute ride.

We got to land and Kyle had to search for the car rental guy while Zach and I played some Pokemon Go since there were two PokeStops with lures already connected.
Side note: Washington had GREAT Pokemon! Throughout the week, I was able to catch Jynx, Hypno, Magikarps, and Dratini. There were a lot of Water and Psychic Pokemon that helped gain more candies. I also finally caught my favorite: Psyduck! Don’t judge.

Anyway, once we got the rental car, it was another ride to the house – an hour drive to be exact. At this point, my butt and legs are tired of sitting. The drive there was nice with all its nature and evergreen trees that remind me of Maine. What sucked was that there was hardly any phone service around the area so it made for playing music a loss.

We finally got to their Grandmother’s house and the place was absolutely beautiful. It was definitely house goals. Alley and I were finally introduced to her and her pups. With anyone, you have me at dogs.

This is Mocha Jo…

.. and this is Bo.

After the introductions, she took us out to town and had some awesome pizza that was nice and cheesy. Have I ever told you how much I love cheese? It’s quite disgusting actually lol. Anyway after pizza, we browsed around town for a couple some souvenirs. Fun fact #21, I collect shot glasses of every place I travel to. I started collecting a few years ago after I turned 21 and it’s really starting to expand (mainly due to the shot glasses from various cities in California). I had no luck on day one, but I had the rest of the week.

After, she took us to a bar that had a garden in the back. It was really nice and well kept. Plus the weather was perfect. We all had a beer and got caught up/got to know each other. After that, we went to the store across the street to get snacks and more alcohol.
And that pint glass pictured above, I may or may not have stole that, but we’ll keep that our secret lol.

The rest of the night, we just drank at the house and relaxed. We all only had an hour of sleep the entire time and we just wanted to veg out before the vacation really started.

Tuesday, Aug. 9th

Once we woke up, the plan was to see a Seattle Mariners game later on. Betsy (Grandma) wanted to drop the pups to her friend’s place across the way and show us this “nest” along the trail. At first I’m thinking it was some kind of hang out, but it was a literal nest.

We got to her friend’s house and his backyard is insane.

See this photo? Yeah, we were on a cliff of a couple hundred feet drop.

Anyway, we had to take another ferry ride to Seattle and walk a couple blocks to the stadium where we met up with their Uncle, Rhys.

I barely know anything about baseball since my dad was a Giants fan, so the game wasn’t too bad for me. I just felt like a hypocrite being there to support another team. Sorry dad. Plus the game was SUPER long – 15 innings too long. It was tied 4-4 for the longest. By the 16th inning, it was 11 pm and we decided to head out. By the time we got back to the ferry, the game ended with the Mariners winning by that one point.

Wednesday, Aug. 10th

Betsy took us out whale watching the next morning, which was super awesome, but really cold to be out in the ocean at 10 in the morning.

It was a four hour watch, and by the first hour I was already over it. Just rocking in the boat back and forth got us a bit nauseated. According to the gal helping out, she said that our body feels like that because since the motions aren’t in our control, the brain makes the body think that it’s poisoned, which is why people tend to get sea sick so the body can release any “poison” that is trapped inside. Pretty interesting fact if you ask me.

Also, it’s hard taking photos and video footage on a rocking boat, so excuse the crappy quality in the following video.

That was pretty much it for the day, other than Kyle and I making the family dinner, but here’s a story that is NSFW and completely unlike me:
So marijuana is legal in Washington for home use, so there are a lot of weed stores around the areas. Betsy, Zach, and Alley are huge potheads that of course we had to make a trip out to a store, which they bought their fill. And that’s the day I took my first edible. It was some granola thing with 10mg of marijuana (which the three recommended that it was all I should take for being the first timer). How was my first experience? It gave me the best sleep I’ve had in such a long time. It only made me tired – that was it, which I was glad because I thought it would bring me into such paranoia that I wouldn’t be able to handle, but no. The perfect sleep aid for me.

Kyle, on the other hand, is still in the dog house for his first experience since he quit weed a long time ago. Never will I go through that again..

Thursday, Aug. 11th

A friend of mine moved out to Port Angeles late last year and I was hoping to see him again, but the meet up failed since he was working and everyone likes to be late whenever Lexi wants to do something..
So we drove over to his work and ate there instead lol. It was super good with its veggie and pescatarian options (did I mention Alley is a vegetarian too?). And their Cosmos were super yummy and fruity. I was buzzed by my second round.

Betsy then took us to Lake Crescent where everyone just jumped in the water with their clothes on. Me, not so much. I know what happens when you mix water and jeans – it never feels good at the end. Plus I’m not much of a swimming kind of person. I do know how to swim, but I like to be prepared for it if we plan on swimming, such as the right attire.

Instead, I just traveled around the area taking photos with Sidekick.

Friday, Aug. 12th

Today was the last day, so we spent our last hours in Seattle finding my shot glass and other gifts for friends. Kyle ended up getting his Mariners jersey like he wanted. Jerseys are pricey too.

We got to the airport by 5 pm, which we made great timing since our flight leaves at 7. The flight felt like an hour as we got home pretty quickly. Two things about coming home that I was upset about: the thick hot Sacramento weather and the crap ton of Pidgeys..

The trip was beyond awesome and felt like it went by so fast. Hopefully next time we visit, we can actually spend some time in Seattle and I can meet up with my friend. Other than that, I miss Washington already.

More photos: SmugMug.


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