Vans Warped Tour 2016.

After thorough contemplation, Kyle and I came to the agreement to not go attend to this year’s Warped Tour since there were barely any bands that we were willing to see other than the ones we have already seen a million times before – until April came around and Katy tells me that since they were unable to get me a legitimate birthday gift, she and Juan were going to pay for our tickets to Warped Tour. Even when we said that they didn’t have to, they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

The 6th, we were on our way to everyone’s favorite music festival…. but many hours later.

Story time before I get into the best part of this post:
As we all know, our friends have a problem with “being on time”.
With these guys, it’s a complete understatement on their part. Keep in mind, the event starts at 11 am.

1. Katy HAD WORK. She had to open the store at 7! Luckily she was able to get off by 10, so if anything, we would miss the first hour of sets we would see.
2. Of course they have the little ones – first Grandma showed up on time, but Juan decides to pack their things at last minute.
3. There were seven heads going, and Juan still had to pick up his brother’s girlfriend as part of the group. Didn’t get the “motivation” until 11.
4. The guys had to make sure the alcohol was completely packed, even though we took two cars and one car was left without (CoughOurCarCough), so what was the point?
5. Kyle pretty much said “eff it” and started driving the way. We weren’t on the free way until 12:30 pm.
6. Traffic, traffic, traffic.
7. Two hours later of driving, we get to the parking lot and tried calling the four – no one likes to answer their phones. We go searching for them for 10 minutes only to find out that they were just chilling and drinking this entire time.
8. We get to the gate only to realize the tickets were e-tickets, which the area has HORRIBLE reception for T-Mobile users (I’m sadly one of them now TT.TT), so it took about close to an hour for the tickets to load up.

With all this trouble and lateness, we ended up INSIDE the venue by 4 in the freaken afternoon – which meant we missed A LOT of bands worth seeing and only had four hours left to enjoy our time.
I am grateful for them buying our tickets, but what was the point of even going now?
And this isn’t the first time this happened.

Kyle and I decided that the next time we plan a trip with the rest of the crew, we’ll go ahead without them and just meet up later lol.

Okay enough gabbing – back to what we could enjoy of the event.

Of course the first thing we do is beer. Prices are expensive, are they insane?! I’m guessing they each spent around $150 on booze alone.

Like Pacific.

One of Kyle’s bands that I didn’t really watch, just took photos.
I still can’t get over the fact that he’s wearing a Janet Jackson shirt lol.

The Color Morale.

I grew tired of staying with the group, so there were occasional moments that I just ditched them to take photos. This was one of them. I don’t know any of their music to be honest – I’m just there to store the memories.

Chunk No Captain Chunk.

They’re still a band?


Katy’s band she’s been following since forever – and they’re not that bad. I checked them out on Spotify the next day and I can dig them. Also, tell me that he doesn’t look like Aaron Carter..


I can’t get into their new stuff (dammit Jonny Craig for setting such high expectations), but they still can pull off an awesome crowd.

I See Stars.

To this day, I still hardly know any of their songs oops, but their set was crazy.
Plus, I am in love with this photo… but that effing hand in the damn way! >.<

Sum 41.

Finally a band I know!
They mostly played their old stuff (obviously), and it felt like I was a kid again. Oh, the nostalgia.


I only know of Braden because he is the boyfriend of a YouTuber I used to follow, so this was the first time I actually got to listen to his music and I was in love. Maybe because he was only playing acoustically or because I was still a little drunk since all those beers at the beginning haha, but I definitely need to check out more now.

Okay, I guess the turn out wasn’t that bad, but I still stand by what I said at the beginning: “we’ll meet them there”.
And sorry my reviews aren’t elaborate – it was the first time I got drunk at Warped Tour and because I was salty about being late, I needed something to calm me haha.

For the rest of my photos, please follow my link to my new SmugMug account!
(More on that in a later post)


2 thoughts on “Vans Warped Tour 2016.

    • Thank you :3 I’ve been really taking a liking to my zoom lens lately and been using it often since it can do much more than the kit lens.
      A music photographer is the dream tho lol.

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