San Jose Bound.

The last weekend of June was another one of Kyle’s International trips in San Jose and I decided to tag along on Sunday just to get out of the house. Things have gotten really boring now that I’m pretty much stuck at home.

Across the street from the SAP Center was a little big park where I spent most of my time. Apparently it was hosting its own event when I came across the start of a running marathon. The park was filled with music and yoga classes all around, waiting for the start of the big run.

I continued the journey some more with a brief walk around the history of “Little Italy”.

Oh, look. It’s those runners again.

I wandered around for a couple hours until I went back to the car to wait until the event was over. I spent the last couple hours watching YouTube videos until my battery was at 7% and no charger available..

After, Kyle and I spent the day just looking around. My main reason for tagging along was to go to Daiso – literally the best place next to Dollar Tree.

We lunched at some local Mexican restaurant of which was recommended by a friend. It was bomb af. I don’t eat a lot of Mexican food mainly because just eating bean and cheese all day doesn’t really satisfy as would a chicken enchilada (I miss me my chicken enchiladas tho), but I stuck with my cheese enchilada and a chile relleno combination plate and I was a happy camper.

We ended up heading home by 5 pm – traffic sucked, it was ridiculously hot for San Jose, and Kyle’s car frequently overheated. We didn’t get back home until close to 9 that night.

Anyone that travels San Jose should give me a list of things to do out there. So far, all I know is Daiso, the Mall, and that Marketplace on Saratoga. A new place to check out would be nice.


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