Lemon Butter Cod Fish.

The other day, I was wanting some fried rice and Kyle wanted some fish with some steamed veggies. Put our ideas together, we have a full meal planned for the night.

The fish of choice was supposed to be Tilapia, but by the time we got to the store, the seafood deli thing was already closed, so I had to raid the side fridge, which I found a couple things of Cod. Same difference. I got a recipe of Yummly to help me out with preparing this, so all respects go to Damn Delicious for the tips.

Goes as some melted butter and minced garlic – then use a brush to coat the fish. I added some lemon slices and rosemary for some added flavoring. Pop it in the oven and wait.

Everyone knows how to make fried rice, right? Just make some rice, put it in the pan, and fry it up! I added a couple of eggs and some soy sauce to mine.

Oh, and don’t forget: in order to “fry” up anything, you do need some oil.
…. you make that mistake once lol.

Steamed veggies were just thawed out frozen veggies. Nothing too special. Add salt and pepper if you like.

At the end, you have a delicious meal that only took maybe 45 minutes of your time. Simple and easy, how it should be.


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