Blue House Korean BBQ.

A year of waiting and the Korean BBQ place near our house finally opened up a month ago.

Now if you recall a post I made a few months ago, I did give a bad review for Oz, but I figured since Oz was bad timing and that was only the first time trying out Korean BBQ that I would give it a second chance. Plus it’s super close by, so we definitely had to go.

For being first timers, the staff was super helpful with the menu selection as they talked us into doing the “All You Can Eat” to save a lot. But of course, Kyle when with the most expensive option.

*smiley face*

They brought out a crap ton of sides and sauces for our meals. I loved the little dish that they put the rice in.

We ordered a variety of things. I had my shrimp, squid, and veggies while Kyle had his meat.
I must say though that I tried whatever their pork loin thing was and it was DELICIOUS. Never has my mouth water for such flavors. I immediately went back to my shrimp before I gave into temptation.

We also got side dishes that we barely touched.

Kyle’s last course, he wanted to try octopus. My dad has always said this saying about food: “Don’t knock it until you try it”, and to this day I stand by that rule. But, I REFUSE to EVER try octopus. Especially when it was looking at me. I couldn’t even watch him eat it..

My second attempt at Korean BBQ and I am now impressed. I believe this place has much more of a selection than Oz does and everything was super crazy good – even that pork man, I swear. The one thing that irritated me was that there was a little *too* much help from the staff, like every person came to our table every five seconds to take an empty plate and continuously asked if we wanted to order more when we were half way done with our current course. Oh and then there was this lady that came and took the scissors from me when I was cutting the meats and just preceded to do what I was already doing. Like, really?

Other than that, they won my heart with the Korean BBQ style of food.

Save up your money, folks. It is obviously pretty pricey though haha.


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