Yummy Sushi Burrito.

Kyle had the day off on Monday and we took a day trip out to Stockton just because. Of all places we could go..

When it came down to the time, it was around early dinner and we had no idea where to go. Anything we would eat in Stockton we could still eat up in Sacramento too. I did recall of a sushi burrito place that Jake mentioned on Instagram when Kyle and I tried out Sushirrito a while back that was located in Stockton, so obviously I couldn’t turn it down. Located on March and Pershing, right next to Togo’s and the 99 Cent Store.

We walked in and it seemed like a typical small Chinese restaurant you would order take out, but their menu mostly consists of their sushi burritos and some meal plates.

We told the gal that took our order that it was our first time there and she helped us with some suggestions and favorites. We ordered and waited. Kyle began chatting with her, asking how long the store has been open for. A bit over a year and they were just learning how to market themselves. She also mentioned that she came from China and was unfamiliar on how social media works, so of course Kyle gave her some tips on how to use Facebook and Instagram for that boosting help.

.. and I’m long overdue on mentioning this, but Sriracha Mayo is the best thing that was ever created.

I ordered the Sashimi Burrito and it was delicious. Different fish wrapped in a burrito of heaven with the Mayo on the side – what else could be better than that??

Kyle got his Yellow Tail, which looked good, but I’m over Yellow Tail because of him..

I did laugh when I saw the wrapping they used. Did they steal paper from Chili’s?

Despite some reviews I’ve read on Yelp, this place was not bad at all. Would come back when I’m having another sushi burrito craving and when I’m back in town. Fairly priced and extremely filling – of course Stockton would get cooler once I leave, but it’s a definite come back.

… now if only I can have the heart to tell them that their outside signage is spelled wrong lol.


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