Letter to Dad: Happy Father’s Day.

Hey you, Happy Fasha Day!

I’ve honestly been dreading this day for so long, anticipating the hardship that I would face knowing that everyone out there is celebrating with their “World’s Greatest Dad”. I was unsure how I would feel about the holiday and didn’t want to find out.

Unfortunately life and calendar days do go on and, of course, I had no choice but to face it like a champ. Turns out that I was okay. I am okay. Of course it sucks that we’ll never have our luncheons again, but now I can celebrate in a different way – a celebration of what was once an amazing soul. Also just knowing that you’re still here with me in spirit, that’s more than enough I could ever ask for.

Happy Father’s Day to not only the dads that are still around today, but to those individuals that had lost their best friend as well ❤


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