June Update.

Well it certainly *has* been a while since my recent post on here.. published over a month ago, oops. I’d thought I’d take the time to talk about my most recent life changer that happened a week and a half ago: I quit my job. That’s right, I said “enough was enough” and put in my two weeks like there was no tomorrow.

Okay, that’s not how it happened. I honestly was considering it for the longest time, but obviously had to really weigh out the pros and cons and consider all options. Mean, quitting your job is no joke – especially when it’s your only source of income. When it all came down to it, I knew what my decision would be.

I honestly had to quit, there was no other option I could even try. There were so many reasons why I left, like I felt really unappreciated there and I was slowly becoming unhappy. I don’t want to get into too many details just in case, and don’t get me wrong – I was given the best opportunity of a lifetime there, but ultimately I left for one reason: for myself. I knew that the main reason why I was becoming unhappy was because of me. I have went through a lot since the beginning of this year: grieving the loss of my dad, having to put down my Bailey Pup, and at home problems that shouldn’t be mentioned on here, and I’ve never had the time to cope with any of it, let alone take some time to figure myself out and my potential future. It’s always been about me helping others with whatever issue they had (which is totally not a problem – I love helping people out), but I never once took time to help myself out with my own struggles. It’s always been just a ‘shrug of a shoulder and I’ll deal with it later’ kind of thing, which left me to understand the definition of insanity fully. I was going insane and I probably would have gotten worse had I stayed. June 10th was my last day.

What am I doing in the meantime? Right now, I’m taking some time off to just relax, take a breather, and reflect on everything that’s been happening and think of the better future that is in store for me. I did manage to save some money for just in case, but hopefully in a month or two, I’ll be back on my feet for whatever comes my way – I’ll be ready for anything.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy my time for the first time in a long time.


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