Burgers and Brew.

Some week ago, Kyle got off work pretty late and we were pretty hungry. It was around 10:30 at this point and most places we even considered closes at 9 unless we wanted fast food. I then remembered of a burger joint my coworkers mentioned a while back that stays open until late. I looked it up and they were open until midnight. Score. We then decided to give Burgers and Brew a try.

Located on R Street, this place was simple to find since it’s on the same building as Ace of Spades. Just your simple Americanized pub, this place was packing. We got in just in time since shortly after it started getting crowded.

I mainly chose this place because not only the hours, but my coworkers told me that the place was super veggie friendly – and they are! Three different veggie burger styles and the possibilities are endless. Keeley told me of the Portobello Mushroom Burger that was a must try. I love me some mushrooms too.

I’m not much of a beer person, but you can never go wrong with a Rouge Hazelnut.

And there it was – the best veggie burger I would ever have. Actually I take that back, this is second on my list of veggie burgers haha. The mushroom was filled with different flavors and was grilled to perfection, not to mention their fries were bomb.

I believe Kyle got the Buffalo Burger, but I can’t remember and also never photographed it, oops. Anyway, my rating is top notch. Will most definitely come back whenever there’s a late night mushroom burger craving.


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