There’s a new sandwich place that opened up just down the street from us a couple months and we had yet to give it a try until a few days ago.

They specialize in Cheese Steaks, but they do have other variety of sandwiches and salads if you’re not feeling too Philly enough, or you can use grilled chicken instead as your cheese steak.

How your meal is served.

I would’ve gave in to trying one of their cheese steaks as being a first timer, but I settled with a hot veggie sandwich. I give an A+ on their bread – I love some soft white bread that can easily soak up some flavor. I am a part of the 5% of people that like “soggy” bread. The sandwich as a whole, however, was alright. It was really just heated up veggies with some cheese melted into a bun – something I could’ve easily made at home. I did put some of their “fry sauce” in it, until their special sauce was just thousand island without the chunks.

Kyle got the cheese steak I did look at: the Bacon Cheddar Cheese Steak. I did take a bite of it to try and it was pretty good. Packed with different flavors along with their awesome bread – I could eat that all day if I liked meat like that.

Overall, not a bad place to grab a cheese steak every once in a while if you’re into that sort of thing.
I will come back to try their tuna sandwich and their grilled cheese. If they both are bomb, they won my heart lol.


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