Letter to Dad: Rest in Paradise, Bailey.

The only thing worse than you leaving is also Bailey leaving as well.

I know what you’re thinking, “the hell you give me the dog for??”

Answer is simple, you like this dog.

All jokes aside, please, and I know you will for me, take great care of her. Even you knew she was my whole world. It just sucks our time was so short lived. There were so many adventures awaiting for us, but time decided to cut it short. Even though it really wasn’t anyone’s fault, I still put all blame on me. If there was just a way to go back to prevent it all, I would in a heartbeat. You never know the feeling of losing the two things that took part to make your heart a whole until life decides to play such silly games.

I love you, Bailey Pup. I’m so sorry that things had to end up like this – I wish I could change everything that happened. I’ll never forget you.

Don’t forget about me either ❤


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