The Park Ultra Lounge.

Earlier last week, Kim texted me, asking what my schedule was like for the weekend. For once I had a Friday off, but I’m back to work the next day. She then tells me that her and the girls were planning a trip up to Sacramento to celebrate Kate and Grace’s birthday and asked me to joined for a triple celebration. Couldn’t turn down a night of just being a girl, so I accepted the invite. Unfortunately Grace couldn’t make it, so it was just myself, Kim, Gretchen, Sarah, and Kate.

We all pregamed at my place and headed to a club that Sarah got us in for free.

The Park Ultra Lounge is where we ended up, and it was a nice looking place. It also looked like there was a restaurant connected..? I don’t know, someone help me out with this one..? You can tell I don’t get out much.

The first and only drink of choice was root beer and some vanilla vodka, which was not bad at all. It was like a root beer float, but with alcohol.

We stepped outside a few times just to drink and their patio looks fantastic. Super fancy with their fireplace tables, super cozy with their furniture. Patio goals.

As we all got a buzz going, it was definitely time for some dancing. The floor filled up cray fast as time went on, but everyone there were all fun to dance with. Even with Kim dancing on the randoms around haha.

Leaving the club drunkenly.

Before we left, the girls wanted burritos that was literally on the other side of the building. Was it connected to the club too? This building is weird with all its variety.

Long story, short of the night, two girls were done, two were okay enough to be aware, and I was sober. I swear they made me feel like an alcoholic because I was completely fine that whole night. I drink too much, I know…
After burritos, Sarah dropped me off at home while taking the others home back in Stockton. I was honestly worried for their safety and kept telling them to stay if they needed, but I guess they made it back safe.

Fun night with awesome friends. It doesn’t get any better than that ❤


4 thoughts on “The Park Ultra Lounge.

  1. Idk how you fit in the back seat going home. Lmao. When we got to Stockton Kim & Kate were lying on he floor and seat so awkwardly.

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