Letter To Dad: My 24th.

Huh, who knew 24 years would come this fast? Your little girl isn’t so little anymore – mid 20’s dude!

I honestly dreaded this day a lot when it was around the corner. I remember that we’d celebrate my birthday – just the two of us out to lunch. I missed that. Just in general. A lot.

I didn’t really do much though. I had work that day – closing shift, may I add of course. Did I mention that I have some awesome coworkers? I walked in the store and they all brought out cupcakes and a bouquet of balloons. Also one of the kitchen staff members came in on his day off to drop off yet more balloons and a cake. So sweet of him.

Yes, that does say “Happy Birthday Manager” lmao.

It was a Sunday, so we got out of there at a decent time and just had some friends over the house. Some of them even said hi to you when they walked in.

Some coworkers were there until around 1 since they all are kids in college, but my Stockton crew crashed for the night. We didn’t pass out til super late because we all got the drunken munchies and went to Jack In The Box.

I think you were playing a role in my conscience (like always) and holding me back since I woke up with no problems/no hangover whatsoever. Darn you haha.

Well here’s me – 24, living comfortably with no financial struggles with a roof over my head and some food on my plate. At least that is one less thing for you to worry about.

… but I am currently reevaluating life with a potential change of future. Time to start making some decisions.

That’s another letter for next time.


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