Stephanie’s 21st.

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie called me and asked what my plans were on the 26th – which was work. It also happened to be her 21st. We briefly discussed what she wanted to do and made plans to make it happen.

When the day came, I had a 9-5 shift that morning which worked out perfectly. I got home and quickly tidied up the house and waited for her to show up. Steph and her friend, Melissa, got to my place around 7:30 and the three of us started getting ready for the night.

The plan was for us to meet up with Steph’s coworker and her husband at a bar/club we were going to start with, but they changed their mind and asked if they could leave their car at my place and we all take an Uber there.

The first stop was at a place called Euro Lounge, which I really want their lights and lamps. I have a weird soft spot for lighting fixtures. We got there a little after 10 and they had a special of all well drinks being $5 until 10:30. We definitely stocked up on our booze then. It got close to 11 and a passage way to the upper floor opened up. We all went upstairs to a little club above. It was kind of cool how they fixed it in there.

Story time on this one. When we got there, immediately some girl starts chatting it up with the coworker’s husband, which he let her down easily. When we were on the second floor, the coworker was dancing and the chick from the beginning bumped into her. I don’t know what was said, but the next thing we knew was that they began a chick fight. Then the husband and the chick’s boyfriend jumped in and that’s when security came into play and kicked the four of them out. Obviously the rest of us had to catch up with them, so in a sense, we were kicked out too..

After that scenario and running after Steph as she ran the street to find a bathroom, we ended the night at The Dive Bar. Kim told me about this one and has videos of it – this place has a giant aquarium above the bar with real life “mermaids”. Clever gimmick, but still pretty cool. We were here for a while until it started getting crowded. We ended going back to my place so the coworker and husband could drive home safely and we can catch some z’s too.


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