St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day. The day where everyone believes they’re part Irish and think they can drink their weight in beer.

My dad would also make Corned Beef and Cabbage that day too. But, just like my dad, he never wrote down a recipe to me to look back on. So I had to take matters in my own hands and use Google.

Martha Stewart helped me out this year.

First I started with chopping up some carrots and celery…

…. and potatoes with half a yellow onion.

A couple days prior, we went out to Whole Foods and found a package of Corned Beef with the spices with it. It was a 3.5 oz slab of meat, but my 5 qt slow cooker was too small, so I made half the meat and decided to save the last half for Easter.

Did I ever mention that I just got a slow cooker? So far, I love the poop out of that thing.

Threw everything in the cooker, filled with water, and set it on low temp. I had work that night, so by the time I got home, it would be more than ready.

When I got home, the smell was very enticing, but I set the temp on “keep warm” and waited for Kyle to get home from work. I also had him call me when he got off so I can get started on frying up my asparagus.

Why all these veggies and no cabbage?
Simple: I hate cabbage..

Finally, the finished product. It was the best thing I’ve ever made.

Now I know what you’re asking at this point: “I thought you don’t eat meat?”
I don’t, but I can still make meat dishes for Kyle to keep dietary habits fair for us.
… but I may have taken a small piece to try it out. Hey I made the thing, I at least have to sample it.

But I’ll just stick to my potatoes.


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