So I’ve Been Dying Lately…

According to my WordPress statistics, I had only made two posts in February and this one makes my first post of March.

Where have I been?

If you guessed work, you’re obviously correct. I stay closing the store that I don’t know what having a social life is anymore.

Aside from work, I’ve also been brutally sick. I’ve never been so sick before and this was by far the worst illness I’ve ever had. It all started last Tuesday when I thought I was super tired because my eyes felt so strained that I could barely keep them open. Come Wednesday, my day off, I couldn’t get out of bed. I took my two days off and just slept the entire time. Friday came around and I could only work half of my shift and had to have Victoria close for me. Saturday it was death. No one could cover for me, I couldn’t even move. After work, I immediately went to the hospital and gave them the whole list of symptoms I’ve been having:
~ Fever.
~ Episodes of hot sweats/cold chills.
~ Eyes straining.
~ Runny Nose.
~ Cough.
~ Sneezing.
~ Congestion.
~ Achy Body.
~ Mucus/Phlegm.

After waiting 3 hours for my blood tests and accepting the fact that I’m going to have a HUGE medical bill (get insurance guys, don’t be dumb like me), it turns out I had the flu AND mono.

Of course I got a doctor’s note, but that didn’t stop my boss from telling me “there is no one able to cover you, you have to work.” So I had my two days off from the doctor’s note and still currently working the rest of the week.

After working and sweating out the sickness, I feel better now, but mono is seriously NO joke. It really takes a toll on your body to where you don’t want to move at all. Even the doctor warned me that I “may feel ill for 3-6 weeks”. Coming up on two weeks and I believe it. And this was the first time I’ve ever caught the flu, at least that I’m aware of. Never again man..

So I’m much better now, just with a lingering cough and a voice that sounds like I’m going through second puberty.

So here’s my mini excuse of why I’ve been AWOL, other than work.
Don’t get sick, guys. It’s a lie…


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