Kyle’s Birthday.

The 20th was Kyle’s twenty fourth, but because it was on a weekend and we couldn’t take the days off, I had another plan in mind… which was ruined last minute. The original plan was to have a surprise party for him and began planning everything three months in advance to make sure all his friends could make it. By the time his birthday came around, everyone flaked saying they couldn’t come because of some reason. Whatever, more drinks for me.

…. although I was a bit upset that with all this planning and a good majority of everyone telling me they couldn’t come that I got a little buzzed and told Kyle my plans and a list of reasons why his friends suck. Oops lol.

Oh well, my options were kept open as I did host a party anyway as it remained on the 22nd.

Part one of my original plan was a success when Jake and Colton showed up at the house to make it in time for a show at Ace of Spades that Kyle wanted to go to… that was until Juan showed up late, having Katy take him to the venue. They always be late.

My original plan was to have Katy, Stephanie, and her friend Melissa help me with this surprise party, but ended up being “hey let’s go spend money that we don’t have”. I had already bought all the $200 worth of alcohol, snacks, and various other items that may have been needed beforehand – a last minute trip to Target wouldn’t hurt.

10pm, some people showed up and waited for Kyle’s return back to the house. At 11, everyone partied like there were no such thing as neighbors.

Of course, Juan had to play bartender for the night.

Though everyone had a great time, I am never having a party at the house again. Why? Because people be pissing me off.
1. There are now beer stains all over our carpet which we now have to pay for it.
2. Colton fell into Kyle’s amp for his guitar, causing everything on top of it to fall over.
3. The TV was almost kicked over numerous times.
4. The neighbors ALWAYS party, but had the nerve to ask us to “keep it down”.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough reasoning:
5. Jake and Colton jumped on the couch BEFORE the party even started. My couch is now a part of the floor…

A word of advice, if you must have a party, host it somewhere other than your house. Trust me, if you love your things you earned and bought, you’d be smarter than me and think twice.

Other than that, happy partying!~


2 thoughts on “Kyle’s Birthday.

  1. We had kickbacks at our apartment almost every week. Not only did we not get our $500 deposit, we had to pay another $500 on top of it because of all the liquor and charcoal stains in our carpet, sharpie marks on the counter, and holes in our walls. It was baaad

    But man, looks like I missed out! Glad you guys had an awesome time nonetheless!

    • I feel like we’re going to go through all that too just because of the partying, pet damages, and the holes in the doors >.>
      Oh well, it’s a piece of crap apartment anyway lol.

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