Last week, I texted Catalina what her schedule was like since it has been a while since we last hung out. We were both off on Thursday, and so were the boyfriends. She and I then planned a double date for the four of us to hang out.

Because Cat get an awesome discount at the place she works at, we all ate at Lucca – a Mediterranean-like restaurant that apparently gets busy all the time. From the stories she told me, I knew that I would have to break into the savings account.

Kyle and I were there first, followed by Cat and Caleb no more than four minutes later. We all got caught up and barely glanced at the menu – which everything sounded great to me.

First thing’s first – libations. I started with some Disaronno drink, which as Cat would refer it as “liquid candy”. She is right though. Enough of that will get you drunk in a heartbeat if you’re not careful. I had two of those and then a glass of wine.

Catalina chose the appetizers for us – Brussels Sprouts and Parmesan Fries.
Now, you’re all probably thinking: “ew, Brussels Sprouts??” I actually do not have a problem with them.. depending how they’re made. In this case, Cat tells me that they’re “flash fried” so that they were crispy with its flavoring to add on. They were the best I’ve ever had.

When it came down to order, apparently this place is super vegan/allergy friendly with their options. They even have a vegan menu! Our waitress asked about my dietary needs when she saw that Cat brought me their special menu. I told her that I’m a pescetarian and her list of entrees was more than I can comprehend. I ended up settling for their soup of the day and special of the night after listing everything in them.

Their soup of the day was a butternut squash soup which I really thought about it, it was dumb on my part to order a cup of it considering that my work sells the same thing, but the difference was the pesto that was topped on it. It completely changed my butternut squash soup world. Sweet with the butternut, but the pesto made the flavor better. I wonder if I can do the same thing at work if I wanted.

One of their specials was a sea bass on top of couscous with some, what tasted like, fried arugula. Now I’m not at all an arugula kind of person – it’s too bitter for my taste, but this was the best greens ever. Maybe because it was fried and had some oils for flavoring..? Whatever the case, the whole meal was perfect.

This place was a bit pricey, but even without Catalina’s awesome discount, it all would have been completely worth it. Just don’t buy alcohol and your check may be more cheap than what we had to pay.

After dinner, we decided to check out a band that was playing at a bar and then hop to another bar later for some karaoke… but that’s a story for another time.


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