Arigato Sushi.

Friday night at 10:30, Kyle gets home from work and tells me that we should go out for food. 10:30 at night, where are we going to find a place open besides fast food?

… apparently there is a sushi place nearby that stays open til midnight. My kind of late night snack.

Just down the street from our house locates Arigato Sushi. Home of late night fish cravings. By the look of the outside, I expected it to be a bit on the pricier side. When we walked inside, it definitely screamed out “expensive”. All that was soon a sigh of relief when we noticed the sign at the register: “50% off rolls”. Sacramento never lets me down with its half priced sushi rolls.

Apparently we were here to celebrate the fact that Kyle’s bonus check was pretty big’, so when he tells me to “order whatever”, it’s a big mistake on his part.

Always with the Sapporo..

Kyle got his usual: hamachi.
He was also educated on the difference between “sashimi” and “nigiri” when he was sad when it didn’t “come with rice” lol.

I settled with my scallops. Whatever sauce they used was really good and paired well. I also like the fact it came with a couple of strawberries.

Saving the meal for last: my Rainbow Roll and his Sakura Roll.
Even though my Rainbow Roll is my standard, I choose his Sakura Roll over. It had a great bite of spice and its flavors with the sauce was excellent.

Altogether, the bill came to around $50, which was to be expected, but thinking about it, it would’ve been a lot cheaper if I didn’t get the scallops and he would’ve ordered his hamachi right. So I believe this place has the best pricing that we’ve found so far. Not to mention it’s open late. A double win.


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