Hello 2016.

Two weeks into the new year and quite a few things have happened:

1. I’m capable of a lot more responsibilities at work as I’m being taught to do other things that benefit the store, rather than just run a shift and continue on to babysit.

My GM and I had my first 1v1 some while ago and he has really helped a lot with my position, speaking as I am still new to this whole thing. He gave me a lot of feedback and has been teaching me ever since. I can’t thank him enough for everything.

2.Speaking of babysitting, I’ve made quite the friendship with some of the staff as a good majority of us have been out drinking the past week. I even hosted a kickback at my place last Monday! It was uber fun.

3. Kyle opened up a new store that is all his own. Apparently his boss thinks that transferring to a brand new store out in Greenback would be a great idea and moved him over. He’s pretty much starting all over, but he can now train his employees his way.

4. Sidekick has a long lost cousin that we gladly took in under our wing. He tells me his name is Edwin and we’ve been getting acquainted with each other these past few days. So far, he’s instantly there when available. I like him a lot. I can see this friendship blossoming.

Aside from things that have been happening, my resolutions have been going well too:

5. My Passion Planner has been so helpful that I can’t go a day without it. I’ve become so much more planned out and organized, not to mention that it is a complete task saver. So now when I forget what I need to do or where to go, Passion Planner is my buddy.

6. My snack intake has been cut down by a lot. Even at work with all its deliciousness. I definitely do not need anymore bread and pastries for as long as I’m there. Every once in a while. That’s it. I’m fine with that.
My first initial plans for this diet is to detox the first week on the beginning of the month. I did a detox before and it really made me feel better. I tried it again a couple weeks ago, but the difference between this time and last time was actual food intake of what I could have. This time I didn’t have any food at my house, only ate at work, and nearly almost passed out three days later. I immediately stopped and ate a grilled cheese before it got worse. Three days isn’t too bad, I’m still proud of myself for trying. There’s always February too to try again.

7. There’s another resolution that I forgot to mention in the previous New Years post. I’m trying to save up financially, saving $100 out of every paycheck I get. I’m also planning on using my savings account again for the first time in years as my bank still does my transfers each month. I just need to resist the urge to transfer money back into my checking account. Mobile data just makes everything too tempting..

8. As for smoking, I still do it. But rarely now.
I went the first seven days without a cigarette and then depression took over for a couple of days and I caved. Other than that, piece of cake.

Well here’s how my January is going so far. A lot of big plans are in the making with Passion Planner to help guide me.

How is your new year going? Are you keeping those resolutions in check?

Oh, and almost forgot. I took some videos on the GoPro when we were out in Stockton on Christmas. Enjoy this late video post.


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