The Celebration of a Life.

New Years Eve was my dad’s service, but rather than just a depressing funeral, my family decided on a celebration of his life with food.

This was also known as an “nostalgic amuse bouche”. The theme was of bite sized foods made from recipes of my past relatives. Of course my challenge of the food was to make bite sized pumpkin pies from my Grandmother’s recipe. I had to use muffin tins just to get the crust right. It was a challenge, but it was fun to try it out.

Let’s not forget the libations..

My Aunt, my two Uncles, and myself were to make a speech about my dad, which was the hardest thing to write ever, but I think I did mine justice. Publicly speaking it was a-whole-nother story..

The service lasted for a couple hours, but everything was perfect. The company, the memories, the stories, even the food. I feel like it was half of what my dad’s wishes were. Later on this year will be the second half of it with the Jack Daniels bottle.

Oh, and there was definitely plenty of Paul lol.


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