Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope all your festivities were the best and hopefully over. Don’t even get me started on how much time and money I’ve spent since Halloween…

2015 was anything but an ordinary year for me. A lot of awesome things have happened and some things I wish never did, but like any other nostalgic person, let’s reminisce on some memories:
1. I moved out to my own place.
…. well with Kyle and the dogs, but the don’t count.
2. I met a lot of awesome people in Sacramento. Granted most of them are my coworkers, but still awesome nonetheless.
3. I finally rid of all the people that doubted my friendship. I don’t need those kind of people in my life.
4. I became closer with friends that I consider my best friends.
5. The shows I’ve been lucky to go to this year. Lights, Aaron Gillespie, and The Academy Is… (but that one is a post coming soon (; ).
6. Becoming a shift supervisor at my work. Completely unexpected, but the best thing that’s happened to me.
7. Losing my dad may be the hardest thing I ever I had to do, but it made me become even stronger than I never thought I could be.

I’ve been thinking of some resolutions for this new year and I thought of some good ones:
1. Become more organized with life, hence why I have my Passion Planner to help me out.
2. Become more healthier. I am a vegetarian, but the way I can just snack on anything has really become a problem. Time for a change of diet.
3. Only some people know this, but I am a smoker, but this one is more of a promise than a resolution.
See, my dad never knew that I’ve been smoking for a few years. Or maybe he has and just never said anything. Anyway, now that he’s with me in spirit, I feel like he now knows my vices. With that said, I made a promise to him that this new year, I would quit just because I know what he would say to me if he found out if he was still here. When I’m heavily drinking may be a compromise between us, but I vow to be cigarette free any other time. To me, addiction is all in the mind, and I, for one, am not addicted to cigarettes, so this will be (hopefully) easy for me.

Aside from this post, there are a few other ones that I’ve lagged on from early last month that I still need to post up. Stay tuned for those during this weekend before I talk about what will become of Life In A Photograph this year.

Here’s to 2016. May this year be better than the last.


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