The Force Awakens.

{Image rights to Lucasfilms and the person that made this photo come to life.}

Note: For everyone’s reading pleasure and piece of mind, this post will not contain any spoilers of the movie whatsoever. This will only be about my opinions about it until everyone has seen it. I also would like to highly recommend that people that have seen this movie refrain from posting anything about it in the comments section for at least two weeks. After that, then I believe it’s fair game to nerd it out amongst ourselves.
With that said, let’s continue…

December 18th. Everyone’s anticipated day of 2015. Where everyone in our generation is now old enough to enjoy such cult flick with their children now at its midnight premiere.

… unlike me. I had work and had to avoid any type of spoiler coming to me for a-whole-nother 33 hours.

December 19th. The day where one girl could easily wake up at 6:40 in the morning – only getting three hours of sleep because the upstairs neighbors was partying all night, just to get ready to see the same cult flick she was raised on at 9:30 (after all previews were done).

I am not a morning person though..

Kyle and I arrived at the theater by close to 8 am. We approached the building, and the mass of cars followed. This was going to be a full crowd, for sure.

Their notice on every window. They weren’t joking about the cosplay rules I’ve been hearing about.
… and I love the fact that they used the term “cosplay”.

It was raining, it was cold, and it was wet. Standing outside for 30 minutes sucked, but it was well worth it. I just hope I don’t get sick later.

The line was building fast and everyone was confused. “Where is the line for those that have tickets?” “Do we stand here?” “What time are they letting us in?”
So many questions, none of them answered.

Finally at 9 am, doors opened and the rush of people began. We opted out on the concession stand, knowing that the auditorium was going to be packed. Plus there was an In-N-Out nearby, so we could just easily go there afterwards.

We were the first set of people in the room before it started to fill up. And, let me tell you, it did fill up. I also felt pretty bad because I have a hard time sitting still when it comes to movie theater seats because they are so uncomfortable on my back. I hope I didn’t disrupt the gal that was sitting next to me with my constant fidgeting.

Soon, the wait was about to be over. 10 years of waiting has lead to this moment right here.
“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”
Everyone applauded. Everyone became one.

The movie was pretty damn good. I honestly had my doubts because it’s now under the Disney name and we all know how Disney can be with its films, but they proved me wrong. It was just as good.
… but you can tell on how they made it come to life was very, very Disney-esque.

Plus I love how it’s made for the newer generation – for our kids (if you have any at the moment). Traditions just keep passing on.

Okay, so I have one hunch about the whole movie and I expect this to be right later on. I’m not going to say anything, but I will only say this. The ending, expect this to become another trilogy. And I’m sure that we’ll be all thrilled about that.

Oh, one more thing. Since now the movie has been released and Kingdom Hearts 3 has been pushed for too many years, if I don’t see a freaken Star Wars world in that damn game, I am going to be mad! They had Tron twice. Time for a new Sci-Fi movie. Just saying…


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