Sumo Sushi.

This is one sushi place that I’ve been meaning to post about, but never had a moment to do so (mainly because of the lack of photos). A couple of nights ago, we ate out at this delicious place of sushi for the third time, and have yet to be disappointed.

Located on Fair Oaks, it’s super close to home and work. Practically in the middle of the way to get to either place.

We were seated and looked over the menu to figure out what we wanted. A lot of options doesn’t help for a small stomach.

$1.50 sake bombs. Because $1.50.

Can never go wrong with a little miso soup to start your main course.

Another great thing about this place, 50% off rolls! We got the Philly Roll because cream cheese sounded good to me and some roll that had three peppers by the name on the menu. What sounded like a challenge wasn’t at all. It barely had any spice, but it was still good, so I wasn’t complaining.

Look at this loser that takes photos of his food. Lame.

A good 80% of the time Kyle and I go out for food, I always ask myself: “What can I bring back for the dogs?”
I made it simple on myself and ordered a three piece bento so I could give them the chicken katsu and I can have anything else I wanted. I settled with some tempura and tuna nigiri. Also comes with salad, rice, and an orange slice.

Kyle ordered the same thing, but with salmon teriyaki, steamed broccoli, and salmon nigiri to add on top of his hamachi nigiri.

I think I ate a lot more than what I could handle, but you can’t help it when the food is just too good. However, there was one little problem with the whole visit:

… I had been drinking five hours prior to going, so I was happily drunk eating anything I could. A $60 tab meant nothing to me as long as I could eat with peace.

But don’t let that minor detail change your mind. I still enjoy the place. May be even one of my new sushi places to go to around here.


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