Catalina’s 25th Birthday.

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine texted me, saying her birthday was coming up and she was having a small get together at her place. It was a super last minute announcement (as it was occurring the following day), but I went anyway, assuming that we didn’t know the next time we’d hang out again when we have different schedules.

Of course, I was the first one there being super early. Typical Lexi. Catalina was in the process of finalizing dinner and her boyfriend, Caleb, was finishing last minute shopping (she sent him to the store just for a small head of cabbage).

Of course the night started right.
I had brought the bottle of wine while their friend (who showed up fifteen minutes after me) brought the Fireball.

That is also where the night went from good to great when Cat told Caleb that she thought I could out-drink him, which turned into a war, taking shots of his Seagram’s and all the mixed drinks included. Not to mention all the wine as well when the bottles continued to add up when Doris and Fonzie showed up later on.

Spoiler alert, I won.

Cat had out a lot of work into her dishes, and everything looked great. Pork sliders, pasta, green beans – the perfect meal.

Of course with my stubborn diet habits, Cat went above and beyond and made me a baked potato instead of the pork sliders. Bless her soul.

We all ate and had a great time. Then someone brought up the idea of Cards Against Humanity. Best idea ever. There wasn’t a winner of this round when we all took a pause to walk across the street to the nearest liquor store.

When we got back, we almost forgot the most important part of a birthday – the cake!
Caleb took care of it while to drunkenly wait for something sweet to munch on.

Twenty minutes later, everyone left but me. Kyle was on his way by then to pick me up, but we ended up staying a bit longer when the guys first met.

Something tells me this will be a good solid four way friendship haha.

(Happy birthday, Catalina~)


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