All the constant working I’ve had to do, there was one day that I didn’t know what to expect: Thanksgiving. Usually it was family tradition to go to my Great Aunt’s house and celebrate there, but since family has been expanding even more, traditions just kind of die out eventually. With that said, my Aunt tells me that my cousin, Eric, and his wife were hosting just a small gathering and invited us to join. Plans for the day were up in the air, so we just went with the first option.

When we got there, not even five minutes later, Chesney offered the first round of wine.

This is Paul, my cousin’s son. Which really makes him my second cousin, but I’m “Auntie Lex” to him just to avoid confusion. He’s a cute little brat haha. A couple weeks ago when a good majority of us were at my dad’s house just trying to clean up a bit, I was in my dad’s room going through his things of which to keep and donate. Then he comes running in.
“Hey Paul.” I smiled.
“Hi, Auntie Lex.”
“What are you doing here? You come to help us clean?”
“No,” and then he walks away.
Yup, cute little brat haha.

Anyway, we all chatted while the veggies were cooking and the turkey finishing its final minutes. Soon, dinner was about to be served.

I couldn’t get a complete shot of the meal, but there was turkey, ham, veggies, sweet potatoes, Boudin dinner rolls, and rice with some gravy. Dude, you can never go wrong with rice and gravy! Definitely had my fill of rice and gravy.

After dinner, there is always one tradition that will forever remain. I’ve been making my Grandmother’s pumpkin pies ever since as far back as I can remember, but this year, the pies I made were super special because they are the first ever set of pies I made without my dad. I even had to be *that* sentimental and used his pie plates. I was a little upset about the fact that the pies started cracking, but I read that it may have been because it cooled down too fast, which I believe it since it’s freezing in my house.
Either way, I know dad would be proud.

After dinner, Paul heading to bed, and my Aunt leaving, the plan was to go to Stockton to spend the last hours of Thanksgiving with Juan and Katy, but those plans were cancelled when Eric decided to get Kyle drunk. So much for the decent sober night we agreed on…

Aside for the drunken mess, the night overall was great. So much rice and gravy, man, I regret nothing.
I hope next year, my damn work brings back the employee turkeys so that Kyle and I can host a little something for once. I was looking forward to making my first turkey, dammit!
Guess there’s always next year..

Oh, and don’t worry, I brought a doggie bag so they can enjoy the holiday (and food) too.


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