Passion Planner.

If there’s one person that I know I am, I’m not one to be the “organized” type. I try to plan, but it typically becomes more of a “spur of the moment” thing (unless it revolves with my work schedule). I came across this little convenience a year ago on Facebook with its Kickstarter video. I thought it was pretty nifty, but having an agenda wasn’t my thing.

Back in August, I rediscovered it again when it popped in mind. I took a look at it online and really slept on it, knowing that I may need something to keep my dates, plans, and schedules in one place. September came and I ended up preordering the 2016 edition. I was super excited about it as the weeks went on. It was a long two months, let me tell you.

Apparently this isn’t just an ordinary planner. It’s also a personal journal where you can store not only your appointments, but your goals, art, and ideas all in one.

Why I caved is because I would need something like this in my life for several reasons:
~ Being a new manager at work, I need something that I can jot down my schedule and keep a workload to-do list.
~ I do have a life outside of work, so this will help me become more organized.
~ I can use this to actually plan out the Life in a Photograph schedule. Remember those prompt posts I said I was going to keep up? Oops.
~ Because it is a goal based planner, this will me create goals that I don’t (currently) have.

I can’t start on it until January, but I’m hoping that this will do me a lot of good (if not, better) for the year.

New Year’s Resolution: make use of my Passion Planner.
2016, I’m ready for you.


9 thoughts on “Passion Planner.

    • Haha, same with me. I usually can set something up, until I too get lazy and just push things aside. I hoping this planner will help change that about myself.

  1. I’ve just supporter their Kickstarter campaign and am so excited to get mine in December. Yay!

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