To Get Even More Caught Up…

Of course you all were caught in my posting spree a while ago just to catch myself on little posts, I thought I make one mass post to get caught up within updates.

1. I’ve been in the process of planning for my dad’s next steps. Right now, his corpse is still at the hospital and I’ve been trying to contact crematories to have him cremated. It was in fact his wish after all. I’ll be making my decision tomorrow since it will be a full week. The date for his memorial is up in the air.

2. Meanwhile, my family and I are trying to clean the house out. Long story short, they’re thinking about selling the house. It sucks to even consider that, but who else will live there filled with such memories that could haunt you. At least it would for me anyway.

3. Because of cleaning the house out, everything my dad owns is now in my possession, which that means trying to clean out my tiny apartment to fill it with more stuff that probably wouldn’t fit anywhere. I’m taking necessities that I need like towels and dishes, but everything else will be donated. For one man, he certainly has a lot of stuff.

4. I took the week off just to recuperate with my dad’s passing. I start back tomorrow and I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled to get back. This week felt wayy too long, but I guess that’s the feeling when you’re in mourning. Plus I miss everyone. Time to get my game face back on.

5. During the week, I’ve been able to connect with friends and family little more than I have been when I was working. I appreciate all their help and support that I definitely want to make this up for all of them and show them my appreciation. I can’t ask for a better support group than from those that I love.

The week hasn’t been easy, it’s just another struggle I have to get over. For right now, I’ll just get by each day.


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