The Giant Orange.

A couple weeks ago, Kyle and I decided to go out for lunch before he had to leave for work. We chose a simple restaurant called The Giant Orange, located a block away from the house after hearing some good things about it.

As we were seated, there was hardly anyone there. Just only a couple families, but their main focus was on the current game of that day.

The menu was of mainly burgers and hot dogs. Not much options for me, but they did have the option to switch the burger patty for the Morning Star brand. As much as I can just easily make that at home, I guess it’s good enough. The menu even contained some food puns for the hilarity. Example, their bacon burger was called “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart”. I enjoyed it very much.

Kyle and I split a orange cream shake. It was not too bad.

I just got a simple avocado cheeseburger and switched out my patty with some sweet potato fries. When I ordered it though, our waitress looked at me like I didn’t have a clue what the Morning Star patty was, “oh it’s a veggie patty that doesn’t have meat.”
… really, you don’t say?
Aside from that, I enjoyed it. The sauce they used was really good. I can’t remember what it was, but it was definitely something else other than your standard mustard and mayonnaise.

Kyle had to make me suffer his meal as he ordered a bleu cheese burger. If there’s one smell I absolutely cannot stand, it’s melted bleu cheese. I don’t even like bleu cheese anyway. He’s been ordering stuff with bleu cheese lately, I think he’s doing it on purpose.
Anyway. He had that, added bacon, with a side salad that I ended up eating because we apparently decided to switch our sides.

After the meal, we both were super full that it hurt.
I’d come back when I have a burger craving, and their menu choices are endless.. just not for one with a vegetarian diet unless you want to be THAT person to customize everything. I hate being that person. I am pretty interested in their hot dogs though, not gonna lie. And the half of the backside of the menu is all appetizers/sides if you just want some snacking food, all reasonably priced.
Aside from the food, I’ll come back for the shakes.


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